Willie Wumpa Cheeks

Willie Wumpa Cheeks is a fictional character in the Crash series, voiced by Roger L. Jackson and Masato Funaki. He is the Wumpa Whip salesman at Von Clutch's MotorWorld. He also scares Cortex.

When Von Clutch's Power Gems are stolen, Wumpa Cheeks "assists" the racing team in finding them, and Clutch's Black Power Gem, with the use of annoying limericks.

He is revealed to be the one who stole Von Clutch's Black Power Gem, in a scene where the good racing team accuse Crash of stealing the Gem's due to the high amount of empty Wumpa Whip drinks lying around the park. Willie is stunned by this, and confesses out of anger, before running off to the space section off the game.

He is encountered trying to escape the park, in a functional rocket in the space area, Crash deactivates the launch and Crunch removes Willie from the rocket, as well as removing the rocket door. He is then killed by Cortex, liquefied by a laser blast from his ship, leaving his eyes, and funnel nose on the floor.

It turns out that he had hidden the Black Power Gem in his nose, which Crash tries to suck remaining Wumpa Whip from, causing him to choke and spit the Gem into Von Clutch.

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