Vicente is a character from the 30 Days of Night franchise, first appearing in the original comic. He is the husband of Lilith, and together they are referred to as the "elders". In Dark Days, Lilith claimed that they were the parents of all other vampires. However, Vicente stated that he had outlived both his "brothers and fathers". In addition to Lilith, Vicente had at least two other female vampire consorts.

During the course of the original comic, Vicente was invited to witness and participate in the raid on Barrow, Alaska organized by Marlow. Vicente was angry that Marlow would so casually arrange a situation that could destroy the cover that Vicente had helped established over the previous thousand years, and killed him, taking command of the vampires in Barrow. He decided to destroy the town by killing any other survivors of the town and breaching the Alaskan pipeline, making it look like the town had been destroyed by accident. However, Vicente's plan was defeated by Sheriff Eben Olemaun, who turned himself into a vampire and killed Vicente in hand-to-hand combat.

The plot of Dark Days and Immortal Remains centers around Lilith's plans to avenge Vicente's death on Eben's widow, Stella Olemaun. In the movie adaptation, Vicente was absent, the film's version of Marlowe has more in common with Vicente.

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