Venus (AKA: Vanessa Hart) is a Big Bang Comics character from Earth-B who first appeared in Big Bang #1.

Venus' arch foe is a Nazi spy named Madame X, whose face is completely hidden by a large black veil, and receives her name from the fact that her guns fire rubber "X"s.

Venus is the Roman goddess of Love and Laughter, but the drawback is that men always try to compete for her affections. Venus sometimes uses this to her advantage if the person in question is a villain, or to gain information.

During the "Criss-Cross Crisis", Venus and Thunder Girl, together with the Earth-B version of The Beacon, helped to try and foil Dr. Binanas' plan to destroy the two Earths.

Venus' superpowers range from a seashell that expands into a shield, super-strength and her beautiful singing voice to soothe peoples' anger. She is based on Wonder Woman from DC Comics.