Vanilla the Rabbit is the mother of Cream the Rabbit.

Vanilla the Rabbit (also known as Vanilla Yamato in Japan) is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games. She was introduced as Cream the Rabbit's mother in Sonic Advance 2.

Vanilla is unnamed in the games, referred to first as "Ma'am" by other characters and "Mama/Mother" by Cream. The cartoon Sonic X was the first source to name her "Vanilla," but until Cream's profile at "Sonic Channel", an official Sonic website, mentioned that her name is indeed Vanilla, it was disputed if this name was "canon."

Since Cream and Vanilla never mention a father/husband, it is safe to assume Vanilla is either widowed, divorced or single.


Vanilla and Cream met Sonic during the events of Sonic Advance 2. Eggman had kidnapped them both and kept them hostage. Sonic eventually managed to rescue them both and Vanilla has been grateful ever since.

Her next encounter with Sonic and his friends was during the events of Sonic Rush. Cream brought Blaze home for Tea. She suggested Blaze should talk to Sonic about help finding the Sol Emeralds. Sonic and Tails then later showed up at their cottage looking for Cream. Vanilla pointed them both in the right direction.



In Sonic Advance 2, Vanilla and Cream were kidnapped by Doctor Eggman and separated. Cream was rescued by Sonic the Hedgehog, and Cream then rescued Vanilla. At the end of the game, Eggman kidnaps Vanilla again and this time she is rescued by Super Sonic.

In Sonic Advance 3, after the Super Sonic and Eggman defeat G-mel, Vanilla and Cream find the largely damaged G-mel laying on the beach. Seeing this, they decide to take the robot to Miles "Tails" Prower for repair. G-mel now lives peacefully with Vanilla and Cream.

In Sonic Rush, she appears in two story cut scenes: once in Blaze the Cat's story and once in Sonic's (depending on which character the player picks). It is notable that these cut scenes are the first (and only) time Vanilla has had dialogue in the Sonic games.

In Sonic Rush, Cream brings Blaze the Cat to her house, where Blaze meets Vanilla. Blaze is rather reluctant to stay, but is persuaded to stay for tea by Vanilla. Blaze tells her story and is advised by Cream and Vanilla to ask Sonic for help. It is quickly decided by both rabbits that Cream will guide Blaze. Blaze is reluctant to accept help, but is once again persuaded. In Sonic’s story, Sonic and Tails find Vanilla and Cream’s house in search for Blaze. Vanilla welcomes them and informs them that Cream went out with a friend in a purple outfit. Sonic and Tails recognize this and ask where they headed. Vanilla points this out and Sonic and Tails leave.

TV SeriesEdit

In Sonic X, Vanilla was separated from her daughter when Cream was kidnapped by Doctor Eggman and sent to Chris Thorndyke's world via Chaos Control, and eventually she gets sent there herself. Vanilla asks the Chaotix to help find Cream, and Vector and crew mistakenly come to believe that Cream was kidnapped by Sonic. While the Chaotix team investigates, Vanilla comes across Sonic, who then takes her to see Cream at the Thorndyke house. The staff at the mansion meets Vanilla for the first time, after getting into a tussle with Vector and Charmy when they broke into the mansion, and Cream is overjoyed to see her mom. Cream stays with her mom throughout the new episodes, helping her with meals as she did with Ella and Amy at the mansion. Later in the second and third seasons, it is suggested that Vector the Crocodile has some kind of hidden love for Vanilla and vice versa. She doesn't make many appearances during the Metarex episodes except for when she asks Vector, Espio and Charmy to deliver Chris' things from Station Square to his ship in space, and the season finale.





  • Vanilla does not have her own official character profile on the official Sonic Channel website.
  • Vanilla's game appearances have been all on hand-held systems.

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