Ultiman Giant Annual #1, artist Jeff Weigel

Ultiman is a fictional character published by Big Bang Comics. First appearing in Big Bang Comics #1 (Spring 1994), he was created by Chris Ecker. There are two existing versions of Ultiman. Metafictionally, the first is from the Golden Age of comics on Earth-B, and the second from the Silver Age of comics on Earth-A.

Fictional character biographyEdit


The Earth-A Ultiman is a member of the Roundtable of America, though he frequently battles evil in Empire City. His main foe is Reverso, a parody of Bizarro. The Earth-A Ultiman received his powers after surviving a Project Gemini spacecraft incident. The cosmic radiation gave him "ultrapowers" (rather than superpowers), and so Ultiman set out to do good in the world. Ultiman also has link to Lori Lake, a pastiche of Lois Lane.


His Earth-B counterpart is a member of the Knights of Justice, and was a 4-F reject from the army who received powers after his car was hit by a meteorite that gave Ultiman ultrapowers. The Earth-B equivalent also appeared in the Big Bang TV movie, Knights of Justice.

Both forms of Ultiman have flight, ultrastrength, ultraspeed and laser-vision, and Ultiman himself is seen as a lampoon of Superman, and both go by the name of Chris Kelly. However, besides time-zones and origins, the Ultimen differ because of the costume. Earth-A has gloves, while Earth-B has a belt.

Ultiman has proven to be the most popular of all Big Bang Comics heroes.Template:Fact


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