Trace as he appears in Metroid Prime Hunters.

Trace is a fictional character in Nintendo's Metroid franchise. He is a cold, swift bounty hunter from the Kriken Empire, who searches for a planet for his people to invade.


A feared bounty hunter and member of the Kriken, Trace is a powerful hunter. At a young age Krikens are exiled by their clans and sent to distant planets as a rite of passage to find new planets for their empire to invade. Trace is currently taking his rite of passage and has become a bounty hunter to travel around the galaxy in search of planets. Trace sees the so called "ultimate power" as his chance. If Trace succeeds in getting it, then he will be considered a hero among his people.


Trace hud

Trace's HUD

Trace, like all other Hunters in Prime Hunters, is encountered on any of the planets or space stations in the Tetra Galaxy, and like all other Hunters, if he defeats Samus in single player, one of her Octoliths will be taken by him and the player will be forced to hunt him down for it.

He is first encountered on Arcterra, engaging in a battle with fellow hunter Noxus. Samus interrupts the battle, and can engage either enemy, although Trace is seemingly more concerned with sniping Noxus. Upon defeating Noxus, both disappear and are encountered later in the game.

Trace's Affinity Weapon is the Imperialist, a long-range precision laser with optical zoom. When equipped, Trace is capable of turning invisible by holding still for a few seconds. This enhances his effectiveness when sniping.

Online sniping spam issuesEdit

Due to the fact that the Imperialist is a one hit killer, if a headshot can be made, many players tend to rely heavily on the Imperialist and has caused some tension among players. In online fights, a sniping expert need not to scope to land a headshot which has defeated the whole purpose of being invisible, when using Trace. Many see this as being a weakling, as the sniper doesn't need to actually fight. The Imperialist is the most common weapon and can be seen on nearly over 95% of the players' licenses.

Gameplay continuedEdit

Trace's alternate form is the Triskelion, which compresses his body into a lower form, capable of using a deadly lunge to batter enemies with. As with his Affinity Weapon, he will turn invisible when stationary, although in his Alt-form Trace is completely invisible, as opposed to him still being slightly visible when in his Bipedal form.

He travels between the Planets to claim Octoliths from Samus or wherever he can find them.

Multiplayer Strategies Edit

It should be noted that if you land a headshot without zooming in, it will do 100 damage. With the Zoom activated, a headshot will do an instant 200 damage.

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