Official artwork of Tiptron

Tiptron is a fictional character in the Mario series. She is a robotic version of Tippi, a partner of Mario in the game Super Paper Mario. At the end of the game, Count Bleck and Tippi marry each other to stop The Void and the player can no longer use Tippi. However, it is revealed that Francis made Tiptron; and for 999 coins, he'll sell it to Mario, allowing the player to use Tippi's abilities again. The problems this presents for a player are that to get this much money. Also, 999 is the highest number of coins a player can get.

Tiptron has feminine programing and looks a lot like Tippi. Tiptron likes to think she is Tippi, and speaks exactly like her, albeit in a more electronic looking speech box, similar to TEC-XX from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She admits to not being Tippi when she tattles on the player, she thanks Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser and Luigi for saving the world, ended by "At least, that's what I think she'd say...", referring to Tippi.


  • Before the game's initial release, there were screenshots of Nastasia and Tiptron floating over her, suggesting that she was Nastasia's personal Pixl, but in the game they don't necessarily encounter at all.
  • If the player talks to Francis after buying Tiptron from him, he will state that he is going to create a second model, Tiptron Mk. II.

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