Official artwork of Thudley

Thudley is a fictional character in the Mario series, a partner Pixl in Super Paper Mario for the Wii, and the fifth Pixl found in the game. His ability is to give the power to Ground Pound. On his Catch Card, which is found on the fiftieth level of the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, it was revealed he was a former wrestling star; such a thing is also hinted at in Tippi's tattle of him. He counts "girth points" but he, along with Thoreau, Boomer and Fleep, may or may not know the right way to count.

Trivia Edit

  • Thudley looks like a 100-ton steel block, such as those seen in classic cartoons using slapstick humor.
  • His name refers to the word "thud", onomatopoeia for a weight falling. Thudley joins the party in the Tile Pool (Bitlands).
  • Thudley retired from wrestling after a hip-replacement operation, despite the fact that he doesn't have legs. This could mean he either lost them in the accident, or his days as a wrestler came before his spirit's transferration to a Pixl vessel.
  • Just before he joins the group, Thudley does a girth check on the three heroes that were in action at the moment.

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