The Coltons is a fictional family of bounty hunters that appear in the television series MacGyver. It consists of Frank (played by Cleavon Little),[1] Jesse (Richard Lawson),[2] Billy (Cuba Gooding Jr.), Mama (Della Reese) and the dog Frog.

Operations are run from the home of the Coltons with Mama functioning as a hub of communication. Frank and Jesse operates in the field while Billy (far to young to be in the field) joins in when not allowed to. The Coltons are close friends of Angus MacGyver, and help is provided both ways.

The first appearance is in the episode Ma Dalton where Jesse is actually out to arrest Jack Dalton's mother, but end up joining forces with MacGyver and Dalton instead. The most prominent feature of the Coltons is in the episode The Coltons where MacGyver is merely given a cameo appearance and the Coltons are the focal point. The episode, which aired on ABC on 14 October 1991, was intended as a pilot episode[3] for a spin-off about the Coltons, but failed.[4]

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