Stardust Femforce

Stardust on the cover of Femforce #65

Stardust is a fictional superhero who appears in the Femforce comic published by AC Comics. She debuted in Bill Black's Fun Comics #4 (March 1983)

Fictional character biographyEdit

Stardust's real name is Dr. Mara, a top scientist and political dissident from the female-dominated planet Rur. Looking for a weapon to use against the invading Kronons, Mars revives the hibernating Earth hero Captain Paragon and attempts to enlist his help in the battle. While trying to convince Captain Paragon to help, Mara accidentally enters the Stellar Erg Implanter, which gives her super powers.

Tired of the warlike policies of the Ruran queen, Mara eventually leaves Rur with Captain Paragon when he returns to Earth. She becomes a member of the Sentinels of Justice, and after that team is disbanded she joins the Femforce. Stardust has difficulty adjusting to life on Earth. Her unfamiliarity with male-female interactions (her home planet was made up of women) later leads to a brief but bitter rivalry with the second Ms. Victory, when Stardust inadvertently started having an affair with Jennifer's estranged husband, David Burke.

Stardust is presumably killed freeing her teammate She Cat from the control of a powerful cat-goddess. Her body was seemingly vaporized by the resulting burst of energy, leaving the Femforce to mourn their loss.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Thanks to the Stellar Erg Implanter, Stardust possesses super-human strength, can project light energy blasts, and has the ability to fly. When she flies she leaves behind a trail of stars in her wake.


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