Spider-Man is a Marvel Comics superhero.

Spider-Man may also refer to:

In television:

In video games:

People with the nickname Edit

  • Arwind Santos, Filipino basketball player
  • André Bikey, Cameroonian footballer
  • Hélio Castroneves, race car driver, known for his tendency of climbing the track-side debris fence as a celebration after winning races
  • Theodore Edward Coneys, American criminal, dubbed the "Denver Spiderman"
  • Jonás Gutiérrez, Argentinian footballer, known for pulling a Spider-Man mask out of his socks and wearing it after scoring a goal
  • Torii Hunter, American Major League Baseball center fielder, for his ability to scale the outfield wall to rob hitters of home runs
  • Andre Rison, former National Football League wide receiver, for his touchdown celebrations that feature him posing like the superhero flinging his spiderwebs
  • Alain Robert, world-renowned skyscraper climber
  • Rubén Xaus, Spanish motorcycle road racer, for his lanky frame leads him to hang over the bike in an unusual way
  • Walter Zenga, Italian goalkeeper
  • Camilo Villegas a Colombian golf player

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