The sorceress

The Sorceress

The Sorceress is a fictional character in the Spyro series and the main antagonist of Spyro: Year of the Dragon.


The Sorceress is depicted as a malicious, hungry witch. She captures any creature that comes in her way, but stupidly lets Moneybags guard the cages. She is a dictator and always sending out her Rhynocs to do the dirty work for her before she does something herself.


Year of the DragonEdit

Many, many years ago, The Sorceress had an unknown argument with a Dragon Elder and grew so enraged that she banished him -- and the rest of the Dragons -- to the other side of the world. Not knowing then that the Dragons were the source of their magic, she carried on. And the magic was soon disintegrating to its foundations.

The Dragons were peaceful creatures, so they didn't bother with her again. Time passed, and she and her world became forgotten. The Sorceress, tired of being forgotten for so many years, hatched an evil plan. In the dead of night, she ordered her Rhynocs and Bianca to steal all of the Dragon eggs. She planned to use the newly hatched dragons' wings to concoct a spell, allowing her to live forever. That plan failed as Spyro, Hunter, Agent 9, Sheila, Bentley, and Sgt. Byrd retrieved all 150 eggs.

During the end of each completed home realm, The Sorceress would transfigure some unlucky Rhynoc to try and destroy Spyro. Buzz, Spike and Scorch failed. She even tried to imprison Hunter, but it did no good as he persuaded Bianca to join the side of good, the two falling in love with each other.

Her first defeat is in Midnight Mountain where Spyro and Agent 9 take down The Sorceress by pushing her into the lava pool surrounding the arena. Her wand flew out and the egg inside was the Dragon George. But amazingly, her tough hide protected her and she was able to pull herself back up! She saved up her magic to try again in the Super Bonus Round. She again failed as Spyro shot at her using a flying saucer, and fell into pink acid. Finally, she was defeated. Her new wand flew out, hatching to become the boy-girl twins, Yin and Yang. Peace was restored.

She has been seen along with Gnasty Gnorc, Ripto, and Grendor in a trailer for Spyro: Wings of Majesty.

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