Shade unmasked

Shade the Echidna

Shade the Echidna is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series who first appeared i Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. As a Lieutenant with the Marauders she is an important spy, and her job is not easy. She has lived with others of her lost clan within the Twilight Cage for over 4000 years. She is the brains of the group. Within her clan, there have been a lot of individuals who do not harmonize with the whole group, and have interests or ideas that frequently conflict with each other. These persons are constantly striving and competing for a position of superiority or authority over others.


Shade is first seen assisting in the capture of the final Chaos Emeralds and takes Knuckles the Echidna prisoner while doing so. She's next seen trying to stop Sonic and friends from entering Metropolis by causing an avalanche, but they use an alternate route made by Doctor Eggman. After she believes to have fulfilled her duty of stopping Sonic, she goes to Angel Island and meets up with the rest of the Nocturnus and Lord Ix. While on the island, Sonic and Knuckles confront her and Ix, and Ix reveals his plan to the two. After she discovers Ix's plan to conquer Sonic's world, Ix the Echidna attemps to kill her, only to be saved by Knuckles. She says that she is impressed only with Sonic and Knuckles, and that she is hard to impress.

She then becomes Sonic's ally for the rest of the game. She joins with Sonic and friends because she only wanted to bring the Nocturnus back to Sonic's world - not take over it as well (Ix's goal.)


Shade is a tough and businesslike woman, the polar opposite of Rouge the Bat. Trained in the arts of stealth and the use of powerful, high-tech weaponry, Shade is a deadly force in combat.

As a former denizen of the Twilight Cage, she is very knowledgeable about the races and places in that alternate dimension, and she is willing to help the team by telling them what she knows of Ix's secrets.

She is quite impressed with both Sonic and Knuckles, and she fights alongside them to redeem herself for unknowingly contributing to Ix's plans for world domination.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Shade has orange fur, a peach muzzle, lilac eyes rimmed by a patch of much lighter (almost white) fur and each with a single, short eyelash which curves off to the side.

She has seven quite dreadlocks hanging from around her head, noticeably shorter than Knuckles', which may be caused by her headband; a small black, shiny nose and zig-zag tail, akin to that sported by Knuckles and Tikal.


Shade armored

Shade in full battle armor

Shade wears a form-fitting, all-body, grey/black Nocturnus combat uniform with what may be additional armor plating on the upper chest and back. The uniform in general is probably made of some advanced Nocturnus polymer.

She wears a pair of black and light-grey armored boots. These boots sport an iridescent pink strip running down the thigh and toe, which might be decorative or serve some sort of technological function.

Shade’s black gloves appear to be part of her one-piece combat uniform as opposed to separate pieces of apparel.

Around each wrist, Shade sports a grey circlet, which look a bit like squat, four-spoked cogs, featuring a number of purple buttons. These things are high-tech Nocturnus devices which project Shade’s ‘leech-blade’ energy knife, and also allow her to activate her cloaking device, trigger explosives remotely, and anything else you might need when you’re leading an interdimensional raiding party.

Although she usually doesn’t wear it in combat, Shade’s Procurator uniform is completed by a fancy lookin’ helmet that serves to disguise her head entirely (masking the fact that she’s an echidna, too). The helmet looks much more formidable and armor-plated than the rest of Shade’s suit.

The faceplate displays a prominent Nocturnus vigil in iridescent pink (like the strips on her boots) on the forehead. Shade sees out of the helmet through glowing purple-white eye visors; these ‘eye sockets’ are set in somewhat extravagant, outward-sweeping pieces of the light-grey material seen on her boots.

The lower portion of the faceplate has a pair of glowing pink lights that resemble nostrils. Shade’s dreadlocks fit inside two branching, backwards ‘horns’ that curl downwards from the back of the helmet. Oddly enough, these horns seem to be the most heavily-armored part of the Procurator’s entire ensemble, the outer curve being composed of large, segmented plating.

The inner surface of the curves is the same light-grey stuff as features on Shade’s boots and visor-trim. When not wearing the full helmet, Shade still sports a wide headband-like strip of Nocturnus fabric that covers most of her forehead and crown. It’s decorated with the same glowing pink vigil as her armored helmet, which had led a few to believe that it may actually be the helmet itself minimized to a headband via the Noctunus's technology.


Shade appears to show romantic interest in Knuckles the Echidna, as she can be seen looking out for him throughout the game.

She insists on teaming up with him for the final mission on Nocturne and, despite her knowing more about the Twilight Cage and Imperator Ix, she respects his decisions and refuses to argue with him.

She may also be romantically interested in Sonic the Hedgehog, for she makes a point to always confess her feelings to him, whether they be about himself, their mission or Knuckles.

She always addresses Sonic or Knuckles, never even talking to another character on the team with two exceptions where she gets upset at Tails's excitement when they enter the Twilight Cage and when she offers Tails her warpbelt to fix the Cyclone.

At one point the player can make Sonic concerned for Shade (without her warpbelt she would be trapped in the Twilight Cage and it is required to fix the Cyclone) and she tells him how honoured she is by his offer to take her back on the Cyclone instead of abandoning her in the Twilight Cage.

Interactions with other charactersEdit

Knuckles the EchidnaEdit

Shade gets along well with Knuckles. She watches out for him throughout the game, an example of this is when they first land on Voxai Colony Beta.

Pir'Oth IxEdit

Shade originally had a great deal of respect for Lord Ix, but once she found out his true motives, she betrayed him for using her people for his own benefits.

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Shade has a certain respect for Sonic after he stood up against Ix.

Amy RoseEdit

Amy doesn't seem to like Shade, as she objected to her joining with Sonic immediately: "Oh no you don't! You stay away from him, witch!"




  • When Shade takes her mask off, she looks similar to Tikal the Echidna but with white marks around her eyes and shorter dreadlocks and Tikal's bands are not attached to her skin, Shade's are.
  • Until the Archie comic adaption of Sonic Chronicles, Nintendo Power magazine and Sonic fan sites addressed her as Shade the Goat, this site included.
  • It seems Shade was based off of Archie character Julie-Su, them having many similarities: they're both female echidnas, both love interests for Knuckles, both use technology to fight, both defectors of a legion of the last echidnas (Dark Legion and Nocturnus Tribe), etc.
  • Shade is the first, and so far only, Sonic character to have officialy had a full set of clothing. Rouge comes as a close second, but her upper arms are uncovered.
  • Many people believe that she's the daughter of Ix, due to the fact that the perfect gizoid Scylla called her the "princess of the traitors".
  • Shade is the oldest female character
  • She may be the strongest female character
  • Shade is one of the characters who does not have a voice actor yet along with Marine the Raccoon.