Rusty walrus

Rusty Walrus

Rusty Walrus is a fictional character in the Crash series who appears only in Crash Twinsanity.

Crash Twinsanity Edit

Not much is known about Rusty. What is known is that he is a chef under the employ of Doctor N. Gin (as depicted from his apron). After defeating the latter, Rusty appears from another room, sees Crash and says, "Ah, Yummy! Fresh meat for my pot!". The chase that ensues is much like the traditional boulder dash levels of previous games. Obstacles include holes in the floor, Nitro Crates (which Rusty is surprisingly immune to) and burning-hot steam. It is unknown what became of him after N. Gin had set off the major TNT explosion (accidentally).

His theme music is a capella version of the Hebrides Overture.

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