Rick Wheeler

Rick Wheeler as he appears in the anime.

Rick Wheeler (Ryu Suzaki) is a [[fictional character in Nintendo's F-Zero franchise and the main protagonist of the anime F-Zero: GP Legend. He is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa in the Japanese version and Frank Frankson in the English dub.


A champion racer and a detective, Rick's life came to a tragic end, and he was placed in cryogenic suspension for 150 years. Now a member of the Galaxy Mobile Platoon, Rick competes in F-Zero races, but vows to bring Zoda, the one who nearly killed him, to justice. His vehicle is the Dragon Bird. In the second episode, he meets Captain Falcon and begins a friendly rivalry with him.

Rick is revealed to be the chosen Savior who will play an integral role in defeating Black Shadow. During the final battle, Captain Falcon tells him that the name of "Captain Falcon" is a title given only to the best, and that "only the one who can exceed Falcon can become Falcon". After Black Shadow's defeat and Captain Falcon's sacrifice shortly thereafter, Rick dons his helmet and becomes the new Captain Falcon.