Pura is a rideable character in the Crash Bandicoot series. In Crash 3, he is introduced. In China like levels, Coco Bandicoot can ride him like Crash rides Polar in Crash 2. He is a cuddly, cute, and tiny tiger cub. He has a crush on Coco, and enjoys basking in the warm China heat.

Bio Edit

On Your Marks... Edit

Later, Pura was resting, when an alien named Nitros Oxide

Early concept art of Pura and Coco

came to Earth. He threatened to turn the world into a parking lot unless Earth's fastest racers could beat him. Pura and the rest of the gang prepared to beat Oxide. In Crash Team Racing, Pura has a kart that was better at turns than other karts, others including Polar, Penta Penguin, and Ripper Roo.

Catnapped! Edit

Pura would later be racing again in Crash Nitro Kart. But, N. Trance kidnapped him and brainwashed him. Pura can be unlocked as a playable character.

It's No Cat Nap! Edit

Pura's latest appearance was in Crash Boom Bang. Here, he wore pants and could walk on 2 legs.

Trivia Edit

Pura originally was to be a panda bear in Crash 3, but it was SO similar to Polar,and it was changed into a tiger.

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