Poo as he appears in EarthBound.

Poo () is a fictional character in the 1995 video game EarthBound. As the Crown Prince of Dalaam, he has undergone strict martial arts training, and is the fourth and final character to join Ness. He usually uses physical strength as his primary weapon, along with many powerful PSI spells. Poo undergoes a special diet, meaning he can't eat any Western-style foods and expect to recover many hit points or psychic points. However, he can drink bottles of water to recover psychic points, and Eastern foods will recover his HP more than they will the other characters. He also loses less hit points then the other characters when hit by PSI Fire or PSI Freeze. Poo has a mirror ability, which allows him to become any enemy in the game during battles.

Poo has a wide variety of offensive and defensive PSI, along with being decent at attack and defense, but his drawback is that he can only wear protection from the "of kings" set. Poo cannot use any weapons except his fists, the yo-yos, slingshots (which both lower his attack) and one weapon exclusive to his use, the Sword of Kings.


Poo is first introduced after Ness eats the "magic cake," and he completes his training by meditation, which he maintains despite a spirit breaking various parts of his body. Poo then teleports to Summers and declares his allegiance to Ness. Poo is taken from the party after they come up from the exit of the Pyramid in Scaraba by the Star Master, who shows him the powerful PSI Starstorm, which he uses to defeat Master Barf. Poo is a solemn dedicated warrior, but is loyal to his friends and bringing peace to the world. Interestingly enough, Poo is very popular with the girls in Dalaam.


  • Poo appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee and also makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a sticker.
  • Poo's equivalent in EarthBound's prequel, Mother, is said to be Teddy. While neither Poo nor Teddy share similar roles in their corresponding games, and in addition lack similar appearances, there are similarities extending between each other's attacks.