Piranha Plant

A Piranha Plant

A Piranha Plant, known as Packun Flower (Pakkun Furawā) in Japan, is an enemy in Nintendo's Mario franchise. It is a Venus fly trap-like enemy, almost always portrayed as a leafy, green stalk topped with a white-spotted red globe, almost bisected by a white lip mouth with razor-sharp teeth. Piranha Plants typically hide within pipes, periodically emerging and ensnaring unwary passersby. Others live entirely outside pipes, being either rooted in the ground or even walking about on root-like legs. They have otherwise changed little since their first appearance, but they have also appeared in various forms and sub-species such as the poisonous Putrid Piranha, the Ice Piranha, the Pale Piranha, the Glad Piranha Plant, and Dino Piranha, among others.

Most Piranha Plants live in pipes and occasionally come out to chomp at weary passers, however, the ones growing on Yoshi's Island swallow Yoshis whole, and the Putrid/Frost Piranhas sprout from place to place to attack passers. Even still, Piranha Plants seem to swallow Yoshis whole compared to biting them.

On the television series based on Super Mario Bros., Piranha Plants made various appearances, usually acting as obstacles for the heroes, like in the games. They have also appeared rarely in the Legend of Zelda series, most notably The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

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