Penta, as seen in Warped

Penta Penguin is a character in the Crash series. He is first seen in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, in the boss fight against Dingodile. Penta's is threatened to being burned by the crocodile-dingo mix, however, when Crash is warped there, Dingodile's attention is turned away from Penta's and he runs away. Later, after he is defeated, he comes and jumps triumphantly on Dingodile's body. Penta is later seen in Crash Team Racing, where he is an unlockable character by holding down R1 and L1 and pressing down, right, triangle, down, left, triangle, and up, at the main menu. Penta also appears in the background of the Snow Bash minigame in Crash Bash.



Penta, as seen in CTR (image from Crash Mania)

  • Of all the characters in CTR, Penta Penguin has no home track of his own (though it's been speculated that it could be Blizzard Bluff); he shares this trait with Fake Crash and Dr. Nefarious Tropy.
  • In the NTSC version of CTR, Penta's invincibility mask is Aku Aku. However, when Penta gets the invincibility mask power-up from a Crate, it is shown as Uka Uka in the picture. This is fixed in the PAL version.
  • Penta's in-kart model in CTR is somewhat different from his Warped model and out-of-kart model. This may mean that Penta originally had a different out-of-kart model, but that it was removed since he was only meant to be a minor secret character.

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