Paula Polestar

Paula as she appears in EarthBound.

Paula Polestar (Pōra Jōnzu) is a fictional character in the 1995 video game EarthBound. She is the first character to join Ness, and also the only permanent member of his team who is female. She usually uses frying pans as her primary weapon, along with many powerful PSI spells.


Paula is a resident of Twoson, and the daughter of the owners of the local Polestar Preschool, when she joins the adventure. Ness is made aware of her existence when he goes to sleep at any location after visiting the "Your Sanctuary" location at Giant Step, when she contacts him through her telepathy in a dream. She was kidnapped by a masked boy and Pokey Minch, and brought to Peaceful Rest Valley to be a human sacrifice for Happy Happyism. She presents the Franklin Badge to Ness so he may challenge and defeat Carpainter, get the key to where she is imprisoned, and free her. Paula's Pray command is ultimately a key part of the game, as she must use it nine times to defeat Giygas in the final battle.


Paula is portrayed as very kind; she rarely, (if ever) shows any emotion of anger to anyone, not even Pokey.


  • Paula's equivalent in EarthBound's prequel, Mother, is said to be Ana. Both Paula and Ana share similar roles in their corresponding games, in addition to having similar appearances. These similarities extend to both characters being wearing a pink dress and being considered a skilled psychic, though Ana also wears a hat, which is required to find in order to for her to join Ninten's team. The choice for both names may be a pun on the word "pollyanna."
  • Paula's equivalent in EarthBound's sequel, Mother 3, is said to be Kumatora. Both Paula and Kumatora share similar roles in their corresponding games, which extend to both characters being their corresponding games' main female protagonist.