Pasadena O'Possum

Pasadena Opossum is a fictional character in the Crash series. She is an expert racer and a good friend of Ebeneezer Von Clutch. She makes her only appearance on Crash Tag Team Racing and is a playable character (she, Coco Bandicoot and Nina Cortex are the only females to be playable on that game while CTR, one made in the late 90s, only has Coco as a playable female). Despite her profession and appearance, Pasadena is a country like girl, right down to her habits and speech. She fancies Crash Bandicoot and is always flirting with or trying to kiss him (something that can scare or freak out Crash). She's also a friend of Coco and Crunch.

One of Pasadena's distinctive characteristics is her long tail, which she uses as ether a third hand or a small helicopter blade, enabling her to hover.


  • One of her sayings is "2+2 equals, um, cornbread?". This is a saying she is not very smart with math.

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