Norm and his second, Big Norm

Norm is a fictional character in the Crash series. He is one of Emperor Velo's intergalactic champions. One of this mime's characteristics is the ability of turning into a blue, gooey substance, and emerging as 2 different Norms: the Small Norm (basically the same as the original) and the Big Norm. The small Norm (simply named Norm) is silent, just like a mime should be. He talks through gestures and his main hobby is reading. He doesn't really like to race, but Emperor Velo obligates him to. Big Norm is the opposite of the small Norm. Asides from being much bigger, he talks and loves racing. He is also more obnoxious and not exactly nice to others people. The two can merge together at any time, leaving only the small Norm. Big Norm voiced by Andre Sogliuzzo in America and Tetsuo Goto in Japan.

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