Nitros Oxide

Nitros Oxide is a fictional character in the Crash series. He is an alien from the planet Gasmoxia. He first appeared in Crash Team Racing and his last appearance was in Crash Twinsanity.



Oxide as he appears in CTR.

Crash Team Racing Edit

Nitros Oxide was first seen in Crash Team Racing when he came to earth to challenge the planet's people to a racing contest he called Survival of the Fastest. He said that if earth's inhabitants won the contest then he would leave earth alone, but if he won he would turn earth into a giant concrete parking lot and enslave the inhabitants of the planet. Thankfully Crash was able to defeat Nitros Oxide and he went back Gasmoxia in embarrassment.

In the game, he can be playable, but only through the use of a cheat device, particularly GameShark or Action Replay. His home track is Oxide Station.

Crash Bash Edit

Then in Crash Bash he appeared as the final boss challenge. He would fight you in his space craft then land in a world that much looked like the Futuristic levels of Crash Banidcoot 3: Warped, in which you must stop him in a challenge like the Ballistic levels.

Crash Nitro Kart Edit


Oxide as he appears in CNK

Later he was seen in Crash Nitro Kart racing for Emperor Velo the 27th on the yellow team along side Zem and Zam. This was his first playable appearance (without the use of a cheat device). It is possible that Oxide told Velo about Crash, and most likely wants vengance.

Crash Twinsanity Edit


Oxide as he appears in Twinsanity.

In Crash Twinsanity, Oxide is one of the villains in the montage before fighting Cortex. He appears to different shades of green and his snout is longer and has bumps upon. Also, he appears as a cameo.

Personality Edit

Nitros Oxide has a bad temper and has been shown to be arrogant. Like other villians in the Crash Bandicoot series he also has a strong interest in world domination.

Although his age is unknown, he hints after his second defeat in CTR that his slowness is due to his old age. This might also explain his somewhat grumpy attitude (mentioned by Papu Papu).

Appearances Edit

Nitros Oxide Sketch

Original Sketches of Oxide

Trivia Edit

  • In Crash Team Racing his name is Nitros Oxide, while in Crash Nitro Kart his name is Nitrous Oxide.
  • According to Oxide, he is the reason why there doesn't live any life on Mars. He raced that planet before he raced the Earth and Mars lost, the reason there is no more life back.
  • While facing Oxide in CTR, he had the weapons of the latest Race bosses; He don't use any of Ripper Roo's TNT crates, but uses Papu Papu's Green and Red Beakers, Komodo Joe's TNT/Nitro Crates, and Pinstripe Potoroo's Bombs (shot backwards).

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