Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic as he appears in Sonic Rivals.

Metal Sonic (Metaru Sonikku) is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a robotic clone of Sonic the Hedgehog, and can match Sonic's every move.

Game history Edit

Early AppearancesEdit

The first appearance of Metal Sonic was in Sonic CD for the Sega CD console. In this game, he is under the control of Dr. Robotnik and is sent back in time to change the past so that Dr. Robotnik can rule the future. Later, he kidnaps Amy Rose, who had been following Sonic. He was defeated in the Stardust Speedway zone.

Metal Sonic´s second major appearance was in Knuckles' Chaotix, where he attempts to absorb the Chaos Rings' powers to wreak havoc in the Carnival Zone but was defeated by the Chaotix before he could. This occasion also featured his first power up, as he transformed into a massive, red version of himself called Mega Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic had appearances in Sonic Drift 2, Sonic the Fighters.

Metal Sonic is a playable character in Sonic R, and was a boss character in "Sonic Triple Trouble".

Other Sonic RobotsEdit

Note - Some early material refers to Metal Sonic as Mecha Sonic. This has long since been phased out.

Another robot often confused with Metal Sonic is the Sonic robot from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, called Mecha Sonic in Japan ("Mecha" is a Japanese word meaning "Machine" or "mechanical") and Silver Sonic in the western comics. There have been much confusion about whether the name "Mecha Sonic" really is an official name or not, but it was in fact mentioned in both the original Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog 2 manual and the Japanese version of Sonic Jam (though since it only means "Machine" or "mechanical" it still doesn't prove to be it's real name). This presumed prototype did not have Metal's painted blue color and was also very clunky compared to the sleeker and generally more Sonic-like Metal Sonic, or is simply Metal Sonic rebuild, since Sonic CD takes place before Sonic 2.

Later on in Sonic & Knuckles, another Sonic robot appeared and attacked both Sonic and Knuckles. It too was called "Mecha Sonic" in the Japanese version of Sonic Jam, but isn't referred to at all in American manuals. Against Sonic and Tails, it appeared three times in Sky Sanctuary Zone - twice in machines Dr. Eggman had used in Sonic the Hedgehog (Green Hill Zone Act 3) and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Metropolis Zone Act 3) and once in a one-on-one fight. Against Knuckles it fought one-on-one, as in the final fight with Sonic and Tails, but in the second phase of the battle he used the Master Emerald to go Super (much like Sonic can go Super and become Super Sonic) for brief periods of time. This robot appeared in a stasis tube in Sonic Adventure.

Whether these "Mecha" Sonics really are different robots, or if they are in fact one and the same that gets rebuilt whenever he is destroyed (like Metal Sonic) is source of much debate among fans, as there is no official material that states anything about this. It is however possible that after the failing Metal Sonic in Sonic CD, Eggman built the Sonic 2 Mecha Sonic, and then built the Sonic and Knuckles Mecha Sonic, or "Mecha Sonic II". Also, keeping with this theory, "Silver Sonic" could be the incarnation of Metal Sonic from Sonic 2 on the Master System/Game Gear.

Mecha Sonic returned to his 16-bit Sonic the Hedgehog 2 incarnation in Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure as the boss of Aerobase Zone. It is almost identical to its 16-bit counterpart except it has the added ability to dash backwards, like it did in Sonic & Knuckles.

In Sonic Rivals 2, Metal Sonic finds himself a new rival: Metal Sonic Version 3.0, Eggman Nega's personal copy of Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic has an unlockable costume based on him called "Mach 3.0". Metal Sonic Version 3.0 looks just like the real Metal Sonic, but is colored black and yellow, similar to G-Mel.

Modern AppearancesEdit

Metal Sonic had a cameo in Sonic Adventure , inside a tube in one of Dr. Robotnik's hideouts along with a second model of Silver Sonic from Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

His next appearance was as an unlockable multiplayer character in Sonic Adventure 2, and subsequently a standard multiplayer character in the GameCube remake, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. He can project a black shield to protect himself from the attacks of other characters, but has no special attacks of his own. After that, he had a cameo as an opponent in Sonic Pinball Party's Story Mode. He then appeared as a gift for getting all of the Emblems in the GameCube remake of Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut, one could then play time trials as Metal Sonic in Sonic's stages. Metal Sonic essentially acted as an alternate skin for Sonic.

His latest appearance was as the main antagonist in Sonic Heroes. After turning against Doctor Eggman and assuming his guise he copies the physical data (and/or abilities) of Sonic, Shadow, Froggy and Chocola to assume his ultimate form, Metal Madness, and later Metal Overlord. This not only increased Metal Sonic's power, but gave him shape-shifting abilities and a new look (a cape, elf-like shoes and longer spines on his head), dubbed Neo Metal Sonic. He manages to achieve this through the use of Chocola, since Chao have a distinct connection to Chaos the water monster from Sonic Adventure, and Froggy, who periodically had Chaos' tail in Sonic Adventure. In his Metal Overlord form, he transforms into a mechanical dragon-like entity, with one eye over the other, strangely. After he is defeated by Team Super Sonic in his Metal Overlord form, he reverts to his original form. Sonic then challenges Metal Sonic to a future rematch and races away. Metal Sonic passes out cold and is lifted off the ground by Omega, who exchanges a glance with Shadow. What they have in mind for the metallic hedgehog is never told. At some point, Eggman reobtains him and reprograms him to be obedient.

Metal DX

Metal Sonic from Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

Metal Madness

Metal Sonic in his Metal Madness form.

Strangely, Metal Sonic did not appear in the following game, Shadow the Hedgehog, and was not even mentioned in it, despite the game being a sort of "continuation" of Heroes.

Metal Sonic does, however, reappear in Sonic Rivals, and Sonic Rivals 2.

Personality Edit

Metal Sonic is aggressive and very cold hearted. For a long time he more or less acted as Eggman's slave, but after turning against his master in Sonic Heroes it became clear he is actually a very dominative person, who views himself as superior to others and wishes to rule over them. He is also completely obsessed with the idea that he is the true Sonic. In Sonic Heroes he even goes as far as calling Sonic "My loathsome copy", as well as desperately shouting "I am the real Sonic!" when he is defeated by Team Super Sonic. Strangely enough, he says "Sonic, I was created for the sole purpose of destroying you", near the middle of the fight, which creates a mental paradox; how can Metal Sonic both believe himself to be the real Sonic and at the same time acknowledge his existence as a mechanical copy of Sonic, this would make Metal Sonic insane. Though there is a possibility that what Metal Sonic means is that by defeating his organic counterpart HE will become the "true Sonic". Another possibility is that he believes himself to have been created first, as a precaution to the real Sonic's existence. Another is that Metal Sonic thinks he is "The better Sonic".

RyanMC, creator of the popular sprite comic Two Evil Scientists, has presented a plausible theory for why he turns against Eggman in Sonic Heroes. He suggests that Metal Sonic's nanotech causes him to copy not just the appearance of others, but their attributes as well, and copying Eggman gave him Eggman's desire to rule the world. However in Sonic the Movie his personality is slightly different. He seems to be rather sane and acts rather solo than compared with himself in Sonic Heroes. Nearing the end, he falls into magma after an epic battle with Sonic. Sonic attempts to save him, but Metal does not accept, replying "there is only one Sonic". He then gets destroyed and this implies that Metal, though he was programmed for evil and reprogrammed by Tails, thinks his own way.

Special EquipmentEdit

Outer ArmorEdit

Strength Enhanced Navy Blue Metal Tektite

Main Computer:Edit

Artificial Intelligence EGGMAN Custom Chip. Internal CPU has a conversation system capable of high mathematical logic enactment. At the slightest sign of danger, the neuron connections simultaneously inform each section of the body to correspond.

Sub Computer:Edit

The power control system is governed by the Neo Super FX DSP Chip (Which has a 5 link system connecting to each section of the body). The TV picture imaging compensation unit is the Next Risk Chip Series 3 Model (each eye has an 8 link system utilizing RGB imaging).

Main Engine:Edit

255 cc, 4 Valve Organ Fusion Engine Maximum Output: 55ps/6800rpm Maximum Torque: 7.54kg-m/4000rpm

Secondary Engine:Edit

Tesla Power Coil, which produces electricity by means of electro-magnetic induction Maximum Output: 256kw

Abilities Edit

Being a robotic clone of Sonic, Metal Sonic has access to many of Sonic's powers and abilities. He can utilize the Spin Dash (albeit a far more deadly circular saw variation) and the Homing Attack, and, thanks to the rocket pack in his back, run at speeds possibly surpassing those of even Sonic himself.

He can achieve 4 times the accelerating speed of "early" Sonic when the circuits are overloaded. (Metal Sonic was possibly created before Eggman knew about Sonic's Spindash and Super Peelout techniques.) When the energy overloads the circuitry, blue-white sparks spout from Metal Sonic. The reaction is called "V. Maximum Overdrive Attack" and its power can penetrate any substance.

However, V. Maximum OverdriveAttack cannot be sustained because of its unfavorable cost performance and potential to destroy Metal Sonic itself. In addition, Metal Sonic can also use its radiation attack called Ring Spark Field, but this also has its drawbacks. This attack affects speed, since electric power is released to the outside.

In addition to Sonic's abilities, Metal has numerous other capabilities. He can fire laser blasts from the cannon in his belly, fly by utilizing the rocket pack on his back, stretch his arms and legs to great lengths and strike from a distance, generate powerful electricity from his body, and generate a diamond-shaped force field (dubbed the "Black Shield") to protect himself.

One of his most impressive abilities is that he can scan other characters, copy their life data into himself, and immediately and flawlessly replicate their abilities. His acquired abilities are listed below:

Using the data he acquired from Sonic, Shadow, and Chaos, as well as parts of Eggman's other machines, he is able to transform into Metal Madness, a superpowerful version of himself resembling a metal Perfect Chaos with a grenade launcher and flamethrower, and then into Metal Overlord, where he gains wings in addition to the other parts. Eggman states that he is so powerful in this state that they have a slim chance of beating him, even with all seven Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic the Comic Edit

Main article: Metallix In the United Kingdom's official Sonic publication, Sonic the Comic, "Metal Sonic" was relegated to the character's title, and Sonic's robot double was redubbed with the name of "Metallix" (hence, he was "Metallix, the Metal Sonic").

Metallix first appeared in the magazine's adaptation of Sonic CD, in which it was destroyed by Sonic. However, it was later revealed that this first Metallix was merely one of a vast brotherhood of identical robots, known collectively as the Brotherhood of Metallix. Ruled by a giant red-and-gold Emperor Metallix, the Brotherhood captured the Omni-Viewer, allowing them to travel back in time, and erase Doctor Robotnik from history. Since it had been Robotnik's assistant Grimer who built the Metallix robots, and Robotnik had contributed only a self-destruct mechanism, the Brotherhood was able to conquer Mobius, leaving Sonic in the unenviable position of having to travel back in time and ensure that Robotnik existed. With the timeline back in place, Sonic was forced to ally with Robotnik to defeat the Brotherhood of Metallix once and for all.

Recently, a new version of Metallix has appered in the online continuity built by Grimer. it's apperence is based on the Neo Metal Sonic look. It's semingly destroyed by lava.

Sonic the Hedgehog Archie ComicEdit

For information on other robotic duplicates of Sonic in the Archie comic series, see Sonic robots in the Archie comic.

Metal Sonic first appeared in issue #25, the Sonic CD adaptation, in which he was incorrectly named Mecha Sonic. He raced Sonic as part of one of Robotnik's traps, but was destroyed at the end of the issue.

Metal Sonic returned in the adaptation of the game Knuckles' Chaotix. He was transformed into a giant red version of himself by a "Power Gem," but was destroyed by a similarly empowered Knuckles.

Metal Sonic's next appearance was in a two-part storyline in issues #86 and 87. He had rebuilt himself by the power of the Power Gem imbedded in him, and boasted improved powers and a new design. He captured Tails while he was gathering firewood in the forest in which the Freedom Fighters were stranded. Metal Sonic confronted Sonic, then made him race for his friend's life to the top of the soon to erupt Mt. Mobius volcano, where Tails was tied. Despte Metal Sonic's attacks along the way, Sonic made it to the summit of Mt. Mobius just as the lava began to rise. Though it seemed like they were doomed, Sonic and Tails refused to abandon one another, showing Metal Sonic that there was more to life than power. Metal Sonic held back the lava for them and Sonic and Tails managed to escape, but Metal Sonic was destroyed in the effort. (This is similar to the Sonic OVA where Metal Sonic is destroyed at the end by lava)

A new Metal Sonic created from scratch by Robotnik appeared in recent comic issues, as part of a storyline involving a 3-way battle between himself, Shadow, and Sonic.


Metal Sonic also starred in the OVA as Sonic's main rival. In the anime, they had a mindlink and were able to hear each other's thoughts. Near the end of the movie, Tails reprogrammed him to be on Sonic's side, but Metal was destroyed soon after.

Metal Sonic is seen racing Sonic in the ending animation for Sonic CD.


  • Despite his lack of appearances, Metal Sonic is often considered one of Sonic's greatest rivals, next to Shadow the Hedgehog himself.
  • Emerl's abitity to copy others attacks was likely inspired from Metal Sonic himself.
  • Having a Metal Sonic 3.0 being shown in Sonic Rivals 2, it is unknown which of the multiple previous versions of Metal Sonic are versions 1.0 and 2.0. It could be possible that Metal Sonic 3.0 is an enhanced model of Metal Sonic from the future, since Eggman Nega is from the future in these games. Although the situation is different in the Archie universe, as the original Metal Sonic made by Dr. Ivo Robotnik was 1.0, and the other Metal Sonics made by his alternate counterpart, Dr. Eggman Robotnik, were all 2.0.
  • Despite not being in the Sonic X adaptions of the Sonic Adventure games, he made cameos in both Sonic Adventure games.
  • It's quite possible that Rocket Metal is probably an upgrade of Metal Sonic.
  • In Sonic Adventure, Metal Sonic looks a lot like Rocket Metal
  • It should be noted that Metal Sonic's voice in Sonic Heroes has been dubbed his official voice. His movie voice is exclusive to the OVA universe.

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