Marine the Raccoon

Official artwork of Marine

'Marine the Raccoon (Marin za Rakūn) is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series who debuted in Sonic Rush Adventure. Marine lives in Blaze's dimension, currently living on Southern Island where her house is located. She has orange and brown fur and blue eyes and wears green and white tube top, black skin-tight shorts and green and orange shoes. She speaks with an exaggerated Australian accent, using Australian slang words such as 'strewth' and 'bonza' and adding the word 'mate' to the end of sentences. She dreams of becoming a captain one day, so she can sail around the world, but wrecks her ship, the S.S. Marine, by forgetting to install the brakes. Tails decides to help her repair her ship, and Sonic goes to find parts to repair Marine's vessel. Unfortunately, Marine and her new-found friends find themselves confronted by a dangerous menace: the pirate Captain Whisker. In terms of personality, she is rather scatterbrained and so often acts before she thinks. She is relatively bossy and attention-seeking, but has many koala friends who are pleased to help Sonic and his companions. Marine also seems to have some sort of special power, as in the final boss fight of the game, she is seen shooting a light blue ball of energy from her fist.