Manda is a fictional Kaiju (Japanese giant monster) created by the Japanese movie making company, Toho. Manda is a serpentine creature similar to a Chinese dragon with four small legs and prominent horns. Manda does not have any special weapons, but it can constrict its body around an enemy and crush them like a snake does. Manda can also swim very fast and breathe underwater.


Showa SeriesEdit

Manda was a dragon that lived in the sea and was the guardian of Mu, an underwater kingdom. When the warship Gotengo attacked, Manda fought it and wrapped its body around the ship, trying to crush it. But the Gotengo discharged electricity on Manda and shocked it. Manda unwrapped itself and tried to swim away. The Gotengo chased after and fired its freeze ray and froze Manda.

Manda wasn't frozen forever, however, as he reappeared in 1999 on Monster Island along with several other kaiju, including Godzilla, Rodan and Anguirus in Destroy All Monsters. Soon that day, aliens called Kilaaks came to Earth and took control of Manda and the other monsters and made them attack cities in the world until the humans freed the monsters from the alien mind control. Then the monsters were sent to fight King Ghidorah, though Manda did not fight in the battle and watched from the sidelines with Varan and Baragon. After Ghidorah was killed, Manda and the other monsters returned to Monsterland.

Millennium seriesEdit

In the Millennium series, Manda is the first monster to be killed in Godzilla: Final Wars, playing a minor role as an adversary of the Gotengo. The Gotengo attacks Manda who was currently wrapped around its hull. They manage to shake it off and swim into an underwater volcano to see if they could try to lure Manda in. The plan works but Manda is just hurt and continues to pursue the Gotengo. The Gotengo then whips around and fires it's freezing laser which hits Manda causing it to freeze instantly, then Gotengo uses its drill to easily drill through the now frozen Manda causing him to shatter and die.

Movie AppearancesEdit


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