Lucas as he appears in Mother 3.

Lucas (リュカ Ryuka) is a fictional character in the 2006 video game Mother 3. He is another boy from Tazmily Village, and the younger twin brother of Claus. He usually uses rod's and baseball bat's as his primary weapons, along with his powerful signature PK Love power. Using PK Love, Lucas has the ability to pull the Seven Needles in order to wake the Dark Dragon which is sleeping underneath the Nowhere Islands.


Lucas is the son of Flint and Hinawa, and the twin brother of Claus. He lives in Tazmily Village with his family and dog Boney. Lucas has blonde hair, black eyes, a yellow t-shirt with red stripes, blue shorts, white socks and red sneakers. He learns his PSI powers from Ionia, one of the seven Magypsy. Until he embarked on his adventure, Lucas had a reputation of being a "crybaby" even prior to the numerous crises that changed his family.


Lucas is shown to be timid, gentle, and cautious; almost the opposite of his brother, Claus. He can show determination, but only when the situation permits.

Super Smash Bros.Edit

Lucas SSBB

Lucas as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Lucas appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a playable character voiced by Lani Minella.

Role in the Subspace EmissaryEdit

Lucas is seen walking alone in an abandoned zoo, until several Primid show up. Then, suddenly, the gigantic King P. Statue appears and chases after Lucas. Lucas runs from it, until he gets caught in a snag and is about to be crushed when Ness comes to his rescue. Ness blows up the King P. Statue with his PK Flash, which reveals Pokey Minch himself (based on his appearance in Mother 3). Ness and Lucas defeat him, but no sooner do they do so when Wario appears and attempts to shoot Ness with his Trophy Gun. Ness dodges each shot, and so Wario eventually aims at Lucas and shoots. Ness pushes Lucas out of the way and is hit, turning into a trophy. Scared, Lucas runs away as Wario cackles in the rain.

Later on, Lucas runs into the Pokémon Trainer as more Primid show up. After the Primid are defeated, the Pokémon Trainer leaves, but Lucas decides to join him. Lucas and the Trainer encounter and defeat Wario in the desert wastelands outside of an abandoned temple. Along the way, the Pokémon Trainer catches Ivysaur and Charizard. After Charizard is caught, Galleom falls into the ruins, having been knocked down there by Marth, Meta Knight, and Ike. A battle ensues between Lucas, the Pokémon Trainer and Galleom.

After the battle, Galleom grabs Lucas and the Pokémon Trainer, jumping high into the sky and out of the ruins. Galleom then attempts to detonate a Subspace Bomb as a last-ditch effort. Lucas, finally gaining his courage, uses PK Thunder to detach Galleom's arm, causing the two to plummet to the ground. Just before they collide with the Earth, Meta Knight swoops in, grabbing the two and carrying them away to Marth and Ike.


  • Lucas' equivalent in Mother 3's prequel, EarthBound, is said to be Ness. Both Lucas and Ness share similar roles in their corresponding games, which extend to both characters being silent protagonists who make use of an exclusive PSI ability (PK Love and PSI Rockin, respectively).
  • Lucas' equivalent in Mother 3's second prequel, Mother, is said to be Ninten. Both Lucas and Ninten share vaguely similar roles in their corresponding games, mostly attributed to their being the game's silent protagonist and main party leader.
  • Lucas was originally planned to replace Ness as the character representative of the Mother series in Super Smash Bros. Melee; however, Ness reprised his role due to the original cancellation of Mother 3.
  • Shigesato Itoi revealed in an interview with Mycom Inc. that Lucas and his twin brother Claus were inspired by two characters from the novel "Le Grand Cashier", which he described as a novel "about the bonds between twins."
  • Unlike Ness and Ninten, who primarily use baseball bats as weapons, Lucas instead uses stick's. In fact, the only baseball bats he can equip are the Fake Bat and the Real Bat.

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