Lilith is a character from the 30 Days of Night franchise, first appearing in the original comic sequel, Dark Days. She is the wife of Vicente, and together they are referred to as the "elders". She claims to be the mother of all other vampires. She was presumably named after, and could be intended to be, the mythological Lilith.

After Vicente is killed in Barrow, Alaska by Eben Olemaun in the events of the first comic, Lilith came to Los Angeles to confront Stella Olemaun, who had become a vampire hunter. She traded the remains of Eben to Stella in return for the visual records of the vampire attack on Barrow. Dark Days ended with Stella destroying the house that Lilith was in, with her fate left unsaid.

However, Lilith survived, and was a major character in the spinoff novel Immortal Remains, which dealt with her parentage and backstory as an elder.

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