Lightbright (Obax Majid) is a fictional Marvel Comics superhero. She first appeared in Silver Sable #16, (September 1993), and was created by Gregory Wright and Steven Butler.

Fictional character biographyEdit

At one point in her life, Lightbright was apprehended by the Bio-Genes, a part of the terrorist group HYDRA due both to her mutant powers and the fact she was a Somali rebel. The Bio-Genes were defeated by Silver Sable and her Wild Pack organization. Battlestar offered Lightbright a chance to redeem herself and she agreed to join the group. Joining the Wild Pack on several of its missions, Lightbright apparently liked the idea of being a super-hero. However the group disbanded.

House of MEdit

Lightbright is one of the few mutants to keep their mutant powers after M-Day.

Civil WarEdit

When next seen, Lightbright was one of the many heroes who opposed the Super-hero Registration Act during the Civil War event. Returning to her rebellious ways, she was stopped by Iron Man, Spider-Man and the local police.

External linksEdit

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