Mango Comic's first issue of Lastikman

Lastikman is a fictional character and superhero created by Filipino comics legend Mars Ravelo. Lastikman appears to have debuted in comics format - certainly in Aliwan Komiks (1964).


Early yearsEdit

In the 1965 comic "Lastik Man Vol. 1", Lastik Man was an alien from another planet who somehow got trapped on earth. Lastikman then decided to fight crime in the Philippines, mainly Manila.

Later yearsEdit

In the 2003 Movie version, Young Hilario is near a rubber tree when a meteor strikes it, and somehow gains powers of elasticity. His grandfather inspires him to use his new found powers to do good deeds, and thus honour the memories of his dead parents. Hilario grows up to become a Professor in physics, and also the superhero Lastikman.

In the 2004 movie version, (2004 movie version) Young Adrian - a lanky teen-ager whose father became a drunkard after the death of his mother - was mauled to death by illegal loggers whom he prevented from cutting the trees in the forest. He was left lifeless under a rubber tree, which revived him and gave him special power.

In the 2004 comic by Mango Comics, Lastikman crashed on Earth and lost all of his memory. He then decided to fight crime and later in the comic book he found out that he was a lesser experiment of an alien species called Lastomorphs, humanoids with the powers of elasticity.


For More Information, See: Lastikman (TV series) Vhong Navarro

In the MoviesEdit

  • Lastikman (1958)
    • Starring: Von Serna as Lastikman
    • Produced by: ????
    • Directed by: ????
  • Lastikman (2003)

In the TelevisionEdit

  • Mars Ravelo's Lastikman (2007)
    • Starring: Vhong Navarro as Lastikman/Miguel Asis/Eskappar, Iya Villania as Yellena White, Cherie Gil as Ayessa White/Frosta, John Estrada as Dr. Jared Evilone/Elemento, Jason Gainza as Caloy Asis, Ian Veneracion as Agaddon, and Danilo Barrios as Ryan White/Lagablab
    • Produced by: ABS-CBN
    • Directed by: Chito S. Rono/Jerome Pobocan/Tots Mariscal
    • Date Released: September 24, 2007

Other appearancesEdit

  • Mars Ravelo's Captain Barbell (2003)- cameo role played by PJ Malonzo

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