"I know what I need to do with my life now. Life is so precious, so beautiful and to be able to protect that, that's an amazing gift." – Lana Lang

Smallville Lana

Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang

Lana Lang is a fictional character on the television series Smallville. She has been a series regular since the pilot episode, and has been played continuously by Kristin Kreuk, with two actresses having portrayed Lana Lang as a child and as an elderly woman. The character of Lana Lang, first created for comic books by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in the 1950s as a romantic interest for Superboy, was adapted to television in 2001 by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. The character has also appeared in various literature based on the Smallville television series, none of which directly continues from or into the television episodes.

In Gough and Millar's series, Lana is the love interest for Clark Kent, though, in the first season she is dating Whitney Fordman. By season two, with Whitney's departure, Lana and Clark begin to grow closer. Clark's dishonesty over the secrets he is hiding causes their relationship to end, and forces Lana into the arms of Lex Luthor. Eventually, Lana learns the truth about Clark and they get back together; ultimately, Lana leaves Smallville, and Clark, when putting on Lex's super-suit causes her to absorb an enormous amount of Kryptonite radiation, which prohibits her from getting too close to Clark.

Initially, Lana is characterized as the gullible "girl next door", who is always demanding the truth and thus believing whatever lies are told to her. She eventually becomes a tragic figure in Smallville, as the decisions made by Clark and Lex changes the character over the course of the show. Kreuk has been nominated by various awards for her portrayal of Lana Lang.



Lana as a high school freshman.

"I can see how strong you are, then for some stupid reason, you retreat into this 'hurt little girl' façade."Adam Knight, Delete

The death of her parents when she was three was very influential in shaping Lana's personality. Despite the fact that her aunt raised and cared for her, Lana has felt like an abandoned orphan her whole life and idolizes her dead parents [1]. She often states that she feels isolated and out of place and dreams about leaving Smallville forever for something more [2]. Despite this, Lana developed a reputation for being a sweet girl – pleasant, caring, and eager to help others. She found herself without any family before she graduated from high school. With no one to rely on but herself, Lana is also quite driven to pursue her goals. She successfully managed the Talon coffee shop as a high school student and lived alone during her senior year.


Lana as a high school senior.

Lana took self-defense classes, but seems to always find herself in threatening situations, needing to be rescued. She once stated that she always felt she would die young [3]. Having been attacked multiple times by metahumans, she is critical of anyone she doesn't think is normal [4]; at the beginning of their relationship, Lana and Lex grew close over their shared belief that humans need to be protected from outsiders. Clark seemingly picked up on Lana's opinion and it was part of his reluctance to trust her with his secret; despite this, Clark is convinced that in spite of her beliefs, they are meant to be together. In addition, it is shown in Phantom that her feelings for Clark surpass her prejudice against superpowered beings, and she immediately accepted the fact that he was actually an alien and not a meteor freak as she herself (and Chloe before her) originally believed.

Lana's romantic relationships also reflect her personality; she places great trust in her partner and intensely relies on him for emotional support. Lana is anxious to build a relationship with someone she perceives will trust her. Whitney Fordman was simple and unassuming, but they were not soul mates. Clark Kent protects her, but he doesn't trust her, so she can't trust him. Jason Teague swept her off her feet in Paris, but he too began to hide things from her. Her attraction to Lex Luthor was intensified by her belief that Lex was always honest with her [5]. Lana showed traces of ruthlessness early on. She discovered that the Talon's coffeeshop rival, the Beanery, had several health code violations and passed along reports to be published in the newspaper. This ensured that the Talon would surpass the Beanery as Smallville's most popular after-school hangout. When Lana started dating Lex, she took on more of Lex's ruthless personality traits. She ordered people around, demanded what she wanted, and was seemingly even more driven than before to pursue her goals, with Lex's endless resources to do so [6]. Yet Lex kept secrets of his own, leading her to question his loyalty and seemingly rekindle her feelings for Clark.

After learning that her pregnancy was faked, Lana became a stronger person. No longer waiting to be saved or wanting help, she has taken action into her own hands to make sure that the people who have done her and others wrong pay, revealing a strong vengeful streak. She has retaliated against Lex and Lionel Luthor with both violence and theft [7]. Over the years she has evolved from a soft and naive girl to a much stronger and more calculating woman.

Lana is an accomplished horseback rider [8] and an avid reader [9].

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

After undergoing treatment as part of Project Prometheus, Lana was successfully fused with nanotechnology and alien DNA as part of the project and was granted powers similar to those of Project Ares with the process being permanent.

  • Super speed - Lana was able to move at super speed.
  • Invulnerability - Lana was able to catch a bullet with her bare hand, as well as jump through glass without being injured.
  • Super strength - Lana was able to rip open Tess Mercer's wall safe to destroy her copies of Project Prometheus.
  • Kryptonite absorption - Lana was able to absorb Kryptonite from a micro chip (registered by Queen Industries), then she was able to absorb massive amounts of kryptonite from the Kryptonite bomb (designed by Winslow Schott) positioned on the roof of the Daily Planet.

Previously, Lana has also had temporary super powers on numerous occasions due to the interference of meteor rocks, explosions, being possessed by a witch and lightning.

Her first encounter with super powers was in Obscura when she was caught in an explosion with meteor rocks and got the ability to see through a villain's eyes:

  • Clairvoyance - Gained the ability to see through Gary Watts' eyes. Obtained due to her proximity to a meteor rock explosion.

While it was not Lana Lang performing these feats, when she was possessed by her ancestor Margaret Isobel Thoreaux, Thoreaux was able to use her body to perform these powers as seen in Spell, Bound, Sacred, Commencement:

  • Spellcasting - She was able to defeat Clark with this power to conjure up forces.
  • Telekinesis, mind control - She was able to compel Lex Luthor to play the piano against his will.
  • Enhanced strength - Significantly stronger than the average human, particularly when her size is taken into account.

She gained significant superpowers when she was bitten by a female vampire, Buffy Sanders (actually infected by serum from Project 1138) in Thirst:

  • Super strength - While not as strong as Clark, she was still much stronger than the strongest human males on Earth.
  • Super speed - Through not as fast as Clark, still much faster than the human eye could follow.
  • Super healing - While not invulnerable, cuts, bruises, stab wounds, and broken bones heal and reset themselves almost instantly.
  • Heat vision - After Lana drank some of Clark's blood when he was weakened by Kryptonite, she gained heat vision.

The most significant instance she had super powers prior to Project Prometheus was in Wrath when she held onto Kryptonite at the same time as Clark while both were electrocuted by a falling power transmission tower and she displayed many of his powers.

  • Super speed - Transferred from Clark.
  • Super strength - Transferred from Clark.
  • Invulnerability - Transferred from Clark.
  • Heat vision - Transferred from Clark.
  • X-ray vision - Transferred from Clark.
  • Super hearing - Transferred from Clark.

Early LifeEdit

SMPilot Younglana

Lana Lang as a little girl played by Jade Unterman.

When she was three years old, Lana saw her parents, Lewis and Laura Lang, struck and killed by a meteor during the 1989 meteor shower that hit Smallville. She became the poster child for the disaster, her cry of anguish captured forever on the cover of Time Magazine. Her aunt, Nell Potter, adopted her and she wore a piece of the meteor that killed her parents as a necklace in their memory. Ever since then, she lived a mile away from the Kent farm.

Season OneEdit

"I finally feel like I'm shedding that fairy princess costume." – Lana Lang, (Zero, Season One


Lana is infected by the Nicodemus flower.

Lana was a cheerleader as a freshman.

Clark approaches Lana at the Beanery.

She dated the quarterback, Whitney Fordman, and was admired by everyone, but just a month or two into the school year, before the football season ended, Lana decided to quit cheerleading and try something else, in search of her own identity. Lana started working as a waitress at the Beanery, but was terrible at the job and fired in less than a week, but when her aunt decided to sell the theater where her parents met, she set herself on a mission. She convinced Lex Luthor to restore it rather than turn it into a parking garage. Lana oversaw the renovation and she worked there as the assistant manager.

Also during her freshman year, Lana found her mother's journal and learned that she was not happy in Smallville. Also during freshman year, Clark and Lana's friendship developed. When Whitney was preoccupied, she spent some time with Clark, but he rushed off to rescue someone else and left her alone. Lana stood by Whitney when his father, George Fordman, got sick and when Whitney lost his scholarship. While under the influence of the Nicodemus flower, she dumped him, but they got back together again after Lana was cured. Lana's feelings for Clark continued to grow during the year. She tried to help him with his relationship problems with Chloe Sullivan, telling him that the right person could be right in front of his face without him knowing; it was unclear if she was talking about herself rather than Chloe. Lana seemed to get a little upset seeing Clark and Chloe's friendship grow. Lana was about to break up with Whitney but didn't get the chance because his father passed away. Lana attended the funeral by Whitney's side, but she seemed conflicted as to if she wanted to be with Whitney or Clark. Whitney asked Lana to be his date at the spring formal, but then he enlisted in the Marine Corps and had to ship out before the dance started.


Lana caught in the storm

and Chloe became friends when Lana helped Chloe get her job back as editor of the school newspaper, the Smallville Torch. They established that they were both "just friends" with Clark; though they both seemed to know that Clark loved Lana and Chloe loved Clark. Lana even seemed to get a little jealous when Clark asked Chloe to the spring formal. When a tornado hit Smallville, Lana's truck was lifted into the funnel of the storm and Clark rushed into the storm to save her.

Season TwoEdit

"I feel like a piece of luggage Nell and Dean want to throw in the trunk as they drive off to their new life." – Lana Lang, (Ryan, Season Two)

Lana started the school year deciding to break up with Whitney. Later, she learned that he was missing in action, but then Tina Greer showed up and impersonated him. Lana decided to renew her relationship with "Whitney", and was surprisingly quick to believe "him" when "he" destroyed the men's restroom at Smallville High and framed Clark. After learning the truth, Lana expressed deep regret for having treated Clark so poorly and apologized, promising to be a better friend to him in the future. During the beginning of the year, Lana becomes annoyed with Clark's secrecy because he could not provide an explanation as to how he saved her during the storm last year. He denied even being there, but Lana knew there was no way she could have survived without him being there. However, Clark and Lana still remained friends. At the beginning of the school year, Aunt Nell decided to move to Metropolis with her fiancé Dean Winters. Lana didn't like Dean from the beginning, and she really didn't want to leave Smallville. Chloe Sullivan invited her to live with her and her dad until she graduated from high school. Lana and Chloe got along very well most of the time, but they had some issues. Lana read Chloe's letter to Clark and went snooping in her computer files.

Precipice 408

Lana learns self-defense from Lex.

Equally earth-shaking was the discovery that her parents nearly divorced a year before she was born. She then met Henry Small, the handsome man in the photo with her mother, and his wife, Jennifer, and learned that he was her biological father. They started spending so much time together that his wife threatened to divorce him, so Lana decided to leave him alone.

Lana was very nearly evicted from the Talon when Lex Luthor's wife, Desirée Atkins, convinced him to buy her out. When he came to his senses, Lex drafted a new partnership agreement. Later, when his half-brother, Lucas Luthor, showed up in Smallville and took everything he had, no one could take the Talon from Lana.

Lana had a couple rocky romances that year: Byron Moore wrote her love poems, and Ian Randall duplicated himself and tried to date Lana and Chloe at the same time. She met lots of other weird people: Cyrus Krupp healed her horse, and her childhood friend Emily Dinsmore seemingly returned from beyond the grave. After she was assaulted in the Talon, Lana also took karate lessons with Lex.

Clark and Lana's relationship was all over the place this year. While under the influence of red kryptonite, Clark took Lana to a bar and then abandoned her for Jessie Brooks. Later, Lana caught Clark kissing Chloe just before they were supposed to go out. Finally, they reconciled and decided that they were going to be together, but then Clark accidentally hurt his parents after destroying his spaceship and decided to run away from home.


Lana has been helping the Kents cope with their recent problems. Chloe comes by to give Martha some flowers. After which Lana tries to apologize for keeping her and Clark's relationship a secret. Chloe responds that like Clark she too was scared to admit it sooner, and questions her about whether she loves Clark or if it is just some fling. Lana answers that she loves him. [10]

Season ThreeEdit


In Clark's dream, Lana and Clark go skinny dipping.

"Everyone has their families...I'm not sure where I fit in. I just can't wait to get out of here and go somewhere people don't judge me." – Lana Lang, (Truth, Season Three)

Lana's relationship with Clark fell apart immediately this year. She found him in Metropolis, and was disgusted by the way he was living. [11] Clark returned to Smallville, but he didn't believe Lana could love the parts of him that he keeps secret. [12] Lana tried to reassure him that she would love him no matter what. [13] She later confided in Martha Kent that she hopes if she stays in his orbit long enough, he will open up to her. [14] Lana sticks around long enough to help him solve the mystery of her great-aunt Louise McCallum, [15] but when she meets Seth Nelson, she decides that she can't wait around for Clark; she has to find somebody to love. [16] Clark considers telling Lana his secret, only to back out when she's caught up with a crook he turned in earlier. [17]


Lana tells Chloe her innermost secret.

Lana was nearly killed by Morgan Edge, Jake Pollen, and Nicholas Conroy, and got to use her spin-kick against Morgan Edge and Van McNulty. She ended up in the hospital after a startled horse trampled her legs. [18] While recovering at the Smallville Medical Center, Lana met Adam Knight, and Adam helped her with her rehabilitation; [19]afterwards, the two began spending a great deal of time together. [20] When she came to suspect his motives, she discovered that he was sent to spy on Clark. Adam kidnapped Lana and almost killed her, but fortunately Clark saved her. Lana and Clark grew close again, but it didn't last.

Lana decided to leave Smallville and go to Paris to study art. She had to sell the Talon to finance her trip. On the day she left, Clark was too busy to see her off at the airport, but Lex was there to wish her well.

Season FourEdit

"Oh great, possessed by an evil slut." – Lana Lang, (Spell, Season Four)

Finally free of Smallville's expectations, Clark, and the metahumans of her hometown, Lana believed she could finally start to build her own life. There, she met Jason Teague, and started a relationship

Crusadews 064

Lana and her new boyfriend Jason.

with him. While taking a brass rubbing of the ancient tomb of Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux, Lana was imprinted with the Mark of Transference, and had to return to Smallville to learn more about the mysterious tattoo on her back. Jason soon followed.

Lana and Jason continued their relationship in Smallville, keeping it a secret because Jason got a job as the high school's assistant football coach. Lana researched Isobel and learned that the Countess was her ancestor and that she was burned at the stake as a witch. Lionel Luthor, in Clark's body, walked in on Lana and Jason making out. When Lana later confronted him, Lionel (still in Clark's form) kissed her; she slapped him and stormed off.

After she touched Isobel's spell book, Lana was possessed by the Countess. As Isobel, she placed numerous spells on Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan

, causing them be possessed by her two cohorts, made Lex play the piano incessantly, and stripped Clark of his powers. After Clark destroyed the spell book, Lana, Chloe, and Lois returned to normal. Lana then learned that it wasn't

Lana was possessed by Isobel.

Clark who informed the school that Jason was dating a student; it was Lex.

Lionel informed Lana that Jason and Lex were in China together searching for one of the Stones of Power, and that Gertrude (Jason's ancestor) was obsessed with finding the stones. Gertrude never found the stones, only a map, but the map was stolen by Isobel, and she was burned at the stake for it. Lionel made arrangements for Lana to go to China on the LuthorCorp jet and put her in touch with a professor who should be able to help her. As Lana prepared to leave, Clark arrived and told her that he was coming with her.

After arriving in China, Lana and Clark found Professor Sen, who told them that she could take them to a temple where the Crystal of Air was located. Lana got captured and was taken to Jason and Lex. When Lana was being tortured, the spirit of Isobel inhabited her body once again. Isobel found the Crystal of Air and fought Clark for possession of it. After a fierce blow, Lana reverted to her true self. When Jason managed to sneak the Crystal of Air to Smallville without Clark and Lex noticing, Lana decides to hide the stone from everyone else, including Jason.

Sacredws 188

Lana and Clark go to China.

Sometime later, Lana and Clark discovered an abandoned baby in the cornfield and took him back to the Kent Farm, where they bonded over the foundling, whom Clark named "Evan." After Evan died, they reminisced about their time with him.

As the year ended, Lana was attacked by Genevieve Teague, who figured out that Lana had one of the Stones of Power. Isobel once again possessed Lana, and stabbed and killed Genevieve with the Crystal of Air. After Isobel went dormant within her, Lana was given refuge by Lex. When another meteor shower was predicted to hit Smallville, Lex helped Lana leave Smallville. Before leaving, Lana gave the Crystal of Air to Clark, feeling that only he would know what to do with it. The two confessed their love to each other, and went their separate ways. Lana tried to send a message to Chloe, but was stopped by Lex for he didn't want anyone to know what was happening. Lex got Lana into a helicopter; as they took off, Lana and the pilot dodged the falling meteors. However, one struck the tail of the helicopter and they plummeted to the ground. Though badly injured, Lana managed to survive the crash and pulled clear of the helicopter. She dragged herself to a nearby crater and pulled herself up to its edge, spotting the Black Ship, which began to open.

Season FiveEdit

"How many times have you been there when I didn't know it, saving me?" – Lana Lang, (Reckoning, Season Five)

Lana witnessed two aliens, Aethyr and Nam-Ek, come out of the Black Ship and attack a cadre of police officers. She overheard them saying that they were looking for "Kal-El." Lex found her close to the site and took her back to the Luthor Mansion to recover. There, she saw Lionel Luthor in a trance, sketching strange symbols on the floor. Lionel told Lana that the Disciples of Zod must be stopped, and told her that meteor rock could destroy them. Lana went to the Smallville Medical Center

, where Nam-Ek and Aethyr were laying siege, and told them she knew where Kal-El was.

Clark and Lana in bed together.

She led them to the Luthor Mansion where they were exposed to the meteor rock in the secret vault, but they were able to escape. Lana would have been killed if not for Clark's arrival.

Clark had been given special permission from Jor-El to interrupt his training. He was to stop Nam-Ek and Aethyr and send them back to the Phantom Zone, with strict instructions to return before sunset. However, he chose instead to take Lana to the hospital. His powers were instantly taken and he decided that he and Lana could have a real, honest relationship. Over that summer, he and Lana lost their virginity to each other.

Lana enrolled into Metropolis University at the last minute, and was able to be inducted into the Tri-Psi sorority house. Though, while she stayed there, she was transformed into a vampiric metahuman by Buffy Sanders. As a vampire, Lana was allergic to sunlight and had a thirst for blood, as she attacked both Chloe and Clark. By drinking some of Clark's blood, she absorbed some portion of his powers, such as heat vision and super-strength. Lana wanted to turn Clark into a vampire, but Buffy would not stand for it and wanted Clark dead. Lana fought for Clark's life and killed Buffy with her heat vision. Before Lana could turn him into a vampire, Clark injected her with a serum that returned her to normal. Lana moved into Chloe's dorm room, as the Tri-Psi Sorority House was declared off-limits.

Lex decided to enlist Lana's help in learning about the Black Ship, which he took from Lander's Field. Together, they would try to piece together the strange happenings in Smallville

Reckoning 060

Clark showing Lana his powers.

the meteor showers that struck the town.

When Clark felt that he was losing Lana, he decided to tell her the truth about himself. He showed her the Fortress of Solitude, told her that he was from another planet called Krypton, and proposed to her. Lana later accepted his proposal, and his parents and friends were with his decision all the way. After Jonathan Kent won the Senate race, Lana received a phone call from Lex and went to the Luthor Mansion to see how he was doing since he lost the election. After Lex saw her engagement ring, he figured that Lana knew about Clark's secrets and tried to force her to tell him, but she managed to get away. While driving away, Lana called Clark to warn him about Lex, but Lex was catching up to her. As she was trying to get away, a school bus collided with her car, killing her. Grief-stricken, Clark begged Jor-El to help him save Lana and was given a crystal to go back in time to prevent Lana's death. However, due to Clark's lies, Lana wanted a break from their relationship. Clark asked for Chloe's help to watch Lana through the entire day, making sure she doesn't meet with Lex. However, Lana received the call from Lex and went to see him, but Clark managed to prevent the accident that killed her the first time. Because he did not stop at the scene of the accident, Jonathan Kent died of a heart attack after a confrontation with Lionel Luthor. Lana attended Jonathan's funeral.

Void 036

Lana taking the Limbo drug.

Her relationship was placed on hold due to Clark's secrecy, and she started feeling closer to Lex.

Sometime later, Lana had an outing with Clark, and their relationship seemed to be on the road of recovery until he was hypnotized by Simone. She was called to Clark's barn where she found him and Simone having an intimate moment. Under Simone's control, Clark told Lana that he found someone else. Hurt and disgusted, Lana went to Metropolis to stay at her Aunt Nell's. After Simone was killed and Clark regained his senses, Lana was told by Chloe that he was hypnotized. When she went to discuss it with Clark, he told Lana that he did not love her anymore. Heartbroken, Lana went to Lex to be comforted.

To find a place to be comforted by loved ones, Lana went to Lance and Ally, two medical students who created a highly-addictive Limbo drug, which she used to communicate with her parents in the afterlife. However, when it would feel like seconds there, it turned out to last minutes until they reawaken. To use more of it, Lana had spent more than a thousand dollars an injection, and later started stealing from Lex to pay for another injection, but was caught by him. When Lex tried to intervene, she stole his Porsche as another form for payment. Lana learned that, because of the many injections, Ally died coughing up blood. As Lex tried to


Lana and Chloe at the Daily Planet.

help her from taking another injection, she stole a sample and made a getaway while Lex and Lance fought. Though Lana was not able to get another helping of the drug, she was saved by Clark. Once Clark received an injection of the drug, Lana managed to stop Lance from killing her by throwing a glass beaker in his face. However, he died when he fell on top of a bone saw. After Clark returned to life, Lana managed to get help and get off of drugs.

Sometime later, Lana started dating Lex without telling Clark, who finds out when he walks in on Lana and Lex kissing. She told Clark later after Lex was attacked by Graham Garrett.


Lana shares a passionate kiss with Zod.

Lex had decided to let Lana in on a project of his that he was working with Milton Fine on. He told her that he created a vaccine that would make anyone immune to any of the world's powerful viruses, and showed Lana pictures of Fine and the Black Ship, which Fine was in one at one second, and the next second he is gone. Thinking that Fine was an alien like the Disciples of Zod, Lana told Lex that the "meteor rocks" were what they were vulnerable to. Once she returned to her dormitory at Metropolis University, she found Clark looking through her photographs of the Black Ship. Clark had Lana tell him where Lex and the lab were, if she didn't want anything bad to happen to Lex.

Later, Lana witnessed the Black Ship abduct Lex, and Fine appeared behind her, telling her that Lex is being prepared. She went to the Daily Planet where she told Chloe what happened, who later relayed the information to Clark. Later on,Lana overheard Clark saying that he might have to kill Lex. Lex later returned with Kryptonian powers, and showed them to Lana. He told her to meet him at the top of LuthorCorp. Clark arrived at the Luthor Mansion, to ask where Lex was, and Lana demanded that Clark explain what was happening to Lex. Clark tried to get off the subject, and Lana, angry that he wasn't trusting her, stormed out after saying she didn't know how she could have ever loved him.When the electrical systems were all failing across the world due to Brainiac unleashing a powerful computer virus, Lana managed to get into the LuthorCorp building, and saw Lex, who was now possessed by General Zod, standing there. She told him that she was going to stand at his side, and the two shared a passionate kiss.

Season SixEdit

"Do you ever wish that you could go back in time and... everything would be different?" – Lana Lang, (Rage, Season Six)

Lana realized that Lex was now possessed by General Zod, who took her captive and brought her to the Luthor Mansion

. Zod told her that the reason he needed her was because he wanted to sire an heir with her.

Lana tries to attack Lex/Zod.

When Lana declined, Zod impaled her hand against a wall with a fire poker. Lana managed to get free and went to the Kents for help; she was told by Martha that Lex had to die. Lana decided to take the Kryptonian dagger and kill Lex in order to stop Zod. When she got close enough, Lana tried to stab Zod with the dagger but he took it from her and broke it. As Zod began to choke her, Clark returned; Zod dropped Lana to deal with Kal-El.

After the events of Dark Thursday, Lana moved in with Lex and was very disturbed with how he had a surveillance camera in her room, watching her. She was even more concerned about her relationship with Lex, so she discussed it with Chloe.

When Lex wanted to test Lana's loyalty, he enlisted Lionel's help. He told him to encourage Lana to destroy Kryptonian black box that Zod tried to use to transform Earth into a new Krypton. Lana blackmailed Dr. Groll into getting rid of the device and was found out by Lex, who was impressed. The both of them wanted to use the device to prevent any more Kryptonians from taking over the world.


Lana tells Chloe she's pregnant.

Lana was handed the Kryptonian black box by Dr. Groll, who refused to experiment with the box any longer. When she was asked about the box by Lex, Lana gave Lex an ultimatum: the box or her. Since the box dissolved after the Zoner Baern absorbed its data, Lex says that he was going to choose her but we are unsure whether this is true or not.

Lana wanted to work on a certain project, but Lex would not let her work on it. She later went to see Chloe for lunch, but had a fainting spell. Lana went to her doctor to get a checkup and discovered that she was pregnant; she admitted it to Chloe.

Sometime later, Lana confessed to Chloe she had reservations about marrying Lex due to her lingering feelings for Clark. Linda Lake, the Daily Planet'

s gossip columnist, spied on them with her metahuman power and published the exact conversation in an article. Lana found out about this when Lex brought the paper to her when she woke up the next day. She went to Chloe to confront her about this, but realized that it was Linda who was responsible. Lana and Chloe proceeded to do some detective work of their own, and broke into Linda's office to spy on her. As Chloe was looking through the files on Linda's laptop, she came across an article revealing Clark and his powers. Linda walked in and almost revealed Clark's secret to Lana (who was outside in a car, connected to Chloe through a webcam), but Chloe destroyed the laptop in the nick of time. Linda and Chloe began to fight, and the scuffle ended up outside. Before Linda tried to kill Chloe, Lana ran her over; Linda burst into water and escaped into the sewers. Later, Lana went to Clark to talk to him about her feelings and their relationship. She asks him to place his trust in her just once and tell her the secret that's been

Lana is shocked to find herself in Clark's arms.

between them for so long. Clark claims that it doesn't matter and reveals that he knows she is pregnant, and that everything has now changed. He then tells her that he hopes Lex makes her very happy. Lana travels back to the Luthor Mansion and accepts Lex's proposal.

In Clark's illusion induced by the Zoner posing as Dr. Hudson, Lana chose Clark over Lex.

Lana had hardly talked to Chloe ever since the Linda Lake incident, and decided to ask Chloe to be her maid of honor. At the engagement party, Clark and Lois, both infected with red kryptonite, told everyone off there and let everyone know that Lana was carrying Lex's child. Clark kidnapped Lana and took her to his loft, and forced her to admit that she still loved him. Lex came there in time to save Lana from him, and Clark told Lana that the reason Lex loved her was to take everything that he had. Lana saw Clark get stabbed by a chisel, but witnessed it was only dented. She kept it and hoped that it would bring her closer to Clark's secret.

Later, Lana took a look at the bent chisel. Unbeknownst to her, someone was spying on her and sent a photograph of her to her cell phone.


Lana shoots at Dr. Bethany.

She decided to stay at Chloe's apartment with Lex's bodyguards surrounding it to keep out the paparazzi. Lana asked for Chloe's help to find out who sent the photo; she attempted to snoop in Chloe's computer, but it was password protected. She then heard creeping noises coming from downstairs and found a box with a red nightgown with a card saying, "I want you to wear this...when I kill you." Lana called in the guards to report this, and then decided to stay at the Kent Farm in Clark's bedroom. While there, she snooped around; the only thing she found was her necklace. Lana received calls that the trespasser was watching her even from the farm and tripped over a dead bodyguard down the stairs. She woke up in the Smallville Medical Center and later found herself in a messy ward where she was later chased by a crazed photographer. Clark managed to get there in time to rescue her, only to have her be taken back to the Luthor Mansion. Lana later discovered that it was Mack, one of Lex's bodyguards, who was the stalker. As Mack chased her on top of the roof of the mansion, they fell through a window. Although Mack hit the floor and was killed, Lana was caught by Clark. It was at that time he let her know that he's been watching her for the same reason she's been watching him. Lana later discovered that the chisel was gone. Lana spent her bachelorette party with only Chloe at the Smallville Bowling Lanes. She was taught how to bowl by Daniel Kim, an Asian young man who had telekinetic powers. Lana went to see Chloe and she told her about what Tobias Rice could do. She asked Lex if he knew him, and he lied to her, saying that he didn't.

Lana in her wedding dress.

Lana went to see Tobias and told him that she knows that Clark is a metahuman as well, but Tobias told her that Clark was normal.

However, the day of her wedding, Lana resolved to find out the truth about Clark and locked Chloe in the wine cellar, knowing she would call Clark to rescue her. Lana witnessed Clark's super-speed, heat vision, and strength, and heard him and Chloe talking about his invulnerability and how he was still in love with Lana. She decided that she could not go through with the wedding and tried to write Lex a letter, intending to go to Clark. However, Lionel discovered that she knew Clark's secret and told her that if she did not marry Lex, he would kill Clark. Trapped, Lana married Lex after all. But she told him that she didn't feel well enough to go on their honeymoon, so they canceled the trip. One week after the wedding, Lana collapsed in pain and passed out. Upon awakening, Lex was forced to tell her that she had suffered complications and miscarried the baby and Lana was heartbroken.

Later, after she was attacked and knocked unconscious by a mind controlled metahuman, she was rescued by Clark and Chloe. She woke up in Smallville Medical Center. After performing thorough tests in light of her recent "miscarriage", a doctor informed her that she was never pregnant and accused her of taking synthetic hormones to simulate a pregnancy and trick Lex into marrying her. Having seen sonograms, she protested and was left in a state of shock and bewilderment.

After this discovery, Lana began to

Lana is shot at the Daily Planet.

harbor a deep, dark secret hatred for Lex. When he was trapped underground in an explosion she simply hoped he'd die. She visited a desperately wounded Lionel Luthor and interrogated him for information, even to the point of blocking his IV drip delivering pain medicine. She demanded to know why he blackmailed her into marrying Lex and accused Lionel of knowing about the fraudulent pregnancy. Lionel protested that he was doing it for Clark's protection. Lana then recovered a briefcase the police found in Lex's car and shot the locks off. Inside, she found a disc labeled Project Ares, along with floor plans of the tunnels in which Lex was trapped. However, she did not call authorities. When Chloe arrived, she and Chloe danced around the issue of both knowing about Clark's powers; Lana reasoned that Clark will be okay, but Chloe stressed that Clark was in serious danger and Lana showed Chloe the schematics for the tunnels. Chloe was shocked that she would sit on this information and not tell the rescue teams. She realized through Lana's facial expression and tone that something serious happened between the two. Lana and Chloe arrived with the rescue squad as Lex and Clark emerged from the tunnels just before they exploded. Lana ran to Clark and hugged him. They almost kissed, but she then embraced Lex as if she was relieved that he was all right.


Lana had gotten into the mail truck that came in between Lionel and her car.

Lana visited Lionel again and demanded to know what Lionel knows. She threatened to tell Martha about him using Clark as a bargaining chip. Lionel simply remarked that Lana has embraced what it means to be a Luthor. Lana maintains the facade of the loving wife and gave Lex back his briefcase. Lex asked her if she indeed visited Clark on their wedding day, and Lana claimed that she knew that something was wrong with the baby by instinct and she needed someone to talk to. She thought Lex would not love her and she did not want to lie. In dialogue loaded with double and secret meanings, Lana told Lex that if someone lied to her like that they would lose her love forever. Even as they hugged, over Lex's shoulder, Lana revealed her deep hatred for Lex.

Lana was shot at the Daily Planet after seeing Lionel Luthor about Project Ares.


Lana and her clone model 503

Lana overheard a meeting with Lex and Senator Burke. She later told Clark about it. She was warned by Lex to never betray him again or he wouldn't know what he would do.

She found out that Lex created a clone (model 503) of Lana in a 33.1 facility at the Reeves Dam. Lana met Clark at his barn and told him she was leaving Lex, and Smallville, to escape. Clark told her his secret in an attempt to get her to stay, but she only kissed him and left after telling him, "You're still the same Clark Kent to me." At the mansion, Lana confronted Lex about the fake pregnancy, telling him that Clark meant more to her than Lex ever would, and told him their marriage was over. After Lex hit her, she left. Lana was next seen running to her car while telling Lionel on her cell phone that she was leaving. Lionel watched in horror as her car exploded.

Season SevenEdit

"(But) Ever since Lana came back she has been different. There is something darker about her." – Clark Kent, (Wrath, Season 7)

Lana Lang - Kristin Kreuk

Lana lived in Shanghai, China for a short period of time.

Shortly after her reported death, Lana was seen alive in hiding in Shanghai, China wearing a blond wig. No one was aware of her faked death until Lex found her in Shanghai. She left her clone (Model 503) that Lex created in her car. When it blew up, they found her DNA. While explaining all of this, Lana held Lex at gunpoint but she was unable to kill him despite his actions. He told her she could return to Smallville and that he would take care of everything for her.

Lana took Lex up on his offer and returned to Smallville, meeting Clark in his barn. He was shocked to see her alive but also delighted at the same time. He invited Lana to stay with Clark at the farm, until her name could be cleared. Lana called Lex over to discuss her situation, confirming that she accepted Lex's offer. Lana was later seen with Clark at a public carnival, suggesting that her name has been cleared.


Lana, living in the Kent farm after returning from China.

Early in the morning, Lana met the Martian Manhunter. She was a little bit surprised to find out that he was from Mars. She was later seen instant messaging someone online until Clark came in the room. She told Clark about doctors, including Knox, that are curing metahumans. Clark later found out through Lex that Lana had stolen 10 million dollars from him. Clark confronted Lana about the money, but Lana claimed that it was another one of Lex's ways to split them up, and that the money was a divorce settlement. She assured Clark that she would never keep secrets from him. Then she went to her own secret hideaway where she had numerous security screens watching over the Luthor Mansion and Lex himself. Lana was increasingly consumed with vengeful feelings towards Lex and Lionel Luthor, which she hid from Clark. She was responsible for having Lionel being held prisoner by Marilyn in a log cabin. Once Lionel got free, he confronted Lana at the Kent Farm. She denied having anything to do with his kidnapping. He warned her not to continue her campaign of retribution against the Luthors or something bad would happen to her. Lana was almost killed when a crazed "Warrior Angel " fan thought Clark would have to accept his destiny by eliminating her. Fortunately, Clark

Lana spies on Lex.

came just in time when Lana was thrown off a building. Lana told Clark that she doesn't want to hold him back when the world needs him more than her. Clark assured Lana that he is happy with her and she doesn't need to worry. Chloe found out about Lana's Isis Foundation, designed to help the meteor-infected. Lana told Chloe to keep the foundation a secret - especially from Clark. Chloe agreed but sensed that there was something Lana was hiding. Lana said that it was Chloe's imagination and that there was no secret.

Despite this, Lana and Clark tried to get their relationship on track by being more honest with each other. He showed her the crystal that contained his biological mother's DNA, and prepared a romantic afternoon for them. However, they were struck by lightning and Lana received some of Clark's powers. With her new abilities, Lana wanted more from this; she wanted vengeance. She decided to steal incriminating evidence on Lex and hand it over to the Daily Planet to publish, but Grant Gabriel refused, enraging her. While trying to cure her, Clark discovered the Isis Foundation and found out that she had been surveilling Lex for months. Lana went to confront Lex about tracking extraterrestrials and warned him that many people will die if he doesn't stop carrying out his experiments. Lex countered that he was no longer hurting people. He remarked that Lana was still obsessed with him and kissed her. Lana continued her assault on him and was only stopped from killing Lex by Clark himself. He overpowered her and used a live wire to take the powers from her.

Smallville - Wrath 0002

Clark's powers are transferred to Lana with lightning.

Lana had to face the consequences of her actions from both Clark and Chloe. Clark blamed her behavior on himself, but she informed him that she made her own choices. She claimed that she tortured Lionel because she was protecting Clark. She was not remorseful, saying that she just needed to know that he would love her no matter what. Chloe confronted her as well and informed her that she would not let Lana bring Clark down with her.

Lana met Clark's biological mother, Lara, when Clark went against Jor-El's warning and activated her replica from Kara's blue crystal. Lana agreed to keep Lara company while Clark met up with Kara. Lara told Lana that she could see the darkness Lana was battling and that she should fight it, but their conversation was cut short when Zor-El stormed in to take Lara - and flinging Lana in the air in the process. When Clark expressed regret over disobeying Jor-El, Lana tried to comfort him by saying it was natural for him to want to meet his mother. Lana told Clark that she doesn't know if she deserves him after all she's done, but Clark assured her that it is okay to make mistakes. However, Clark went to plead with Jor-El to find Kara, but wound up frozen in the Fortress.

Clark seemingly returned back home after two weeks and declared that Kara was gone forever. Lana told him that she was done spying on Lex but Clark then asked to see what she had discovered. Lana restored her surveillance room in the Isis Foundation and they investigated something Lex was working on called Project Scion. Lana admitted that she let loose a strange, sentient black liquid and Clark informed her that it was, in fact, alien technology. Lana showed Clark Casey Brock, a woman who was found suffering from toxic levels of metal poisoning and has been left in a trance. Clark stated that her incoherent speech patterns are actually Kryptonian, and he wrote down what she was murmuring. They worked together to figure out the status of the alien liquid and what it could possible mean. However it was revealed that "Clark" was, in fact, escaped Zoner Bizarro.

For the next two weeks, "Clark" and Lana seemingly reconnected, with Clark even resuming their sexual relationship. He declared that they could run away together from Smallville and Lana agreed. Lana believed that Clark's new affection was due to him "changing his priorities". When Chloe suggested that Clark was acting strangely, Lana informed her that she should finally let go of Clark. Even when Clark returned, she could not believe that she had been living with an impostor for weeks. Clark was happy to find her alive but dismayed that Lana had been completely fooled. Lana tried to atone by helping Clark defeat Bizarro, but she admitted that Bizarro made her feel more loved and happier than she ever had been.

After Bizarro's defeat, Clark and Lana's relationship was strained to the brink. They awkwardly avoided each other at home. Lionel approached Lana asking for surveillance on Lex, blackmailing her by saying that if she didn't help him, he would tell Clark about the fate of Casey Brock, who died in Lana's care. Lana came clean to Clark, who was angry that Lana was only telling the truth because she was being threatened. They argued over what one expects of the other. Lana finally decided to stay with Chloe for a few days, but Clark told her that he wasn't ready to give up on them. Lana provided Clark and Chloe information about Project Intercept with the resources she had at the Isis Foundation.

When Kara returned with amnesia

, Lana and Lionel convinced Clark not to tell her the truth about her origins. Kara confronted Lana and demanded the truth. When Lana didn't tell her anything, Kara was driven to Lex. Believing that Clark and Lana did not have her best interests at heart, she asked Lex if she could move in with him.
Smallville S7E15 Veritas516

Lana is in a catatonic state after Brainiac takes control of her central nervous system.

Clark decided to go to the Fortress to ask Jor-El what to do, but when he disappeared, Lana called Chloe to help find him. They discovered a kryptonite dart in the barn and confronted Lionel. Lionel threw suspicion onto Lex and Lana quickly believed him, saying that she would kill Lex if he hurt Clark. However, Chloe found evidence that Lionel was in fact responsible. Lana told Chloe about secret passages into the mansion and they set out together to rescue Kara from the mansion.


Lana said goodbye to Clark.

With Brainiac's return, Kara tried to teach Clark to fly, so he sent Lana to Isis so she wouldn't see his attempts. There, Brainiac attacked her, leaving her in a catatonic state; allowing Brainiac full control over her body, and only reversible by him. He sent her home to deliver a message to Clark: deliver Kara at the Daily Planet. Kara chose to follow Brainiac's orders, and when they met Brainiac, he explained that under his control, Lana is in excruciating pain and aware of her surroundings, but unable to control her own body. She was somewhat mobile but remained relatively unresponsive to outside stimuli.[21] Brainiac delivered a message through Lana to a visiting bereaved Clark: "Kal-El. You're too late, Kal-El". After Brainiac and Kara's departure, Clark took her to an asylum, but no sort of treatment was able to help her. Even after Clark and Kara defeated Brainiac, her condition continued to deteriorate. Lex revealed that he had his best doctors evaluate her, but they too were unsuccessful at treatment.


Lana was forced to record the break-up video.

When Clark finally destroyed Brainiac, Lana awoke from her catatonic state, completely recovered. However, she realized that the world needed Clark more than she did and that they were not meant to be together, fooling themselves, so she made him a video and left it at the hospital for him to find. She told Clark that she was leaving and he should not follow her, but she let him know that she still loves him, more than he would ever know.

Missing MonthsEdit

In actuality, Lex’s men, led by Tess, obeyed Lex's orders to force her to give Clark a "Dear John" DVD, and kidnapped her for, what Lex thought, her own safety. But Lana had managed to escape, hijacking the van she was in. She then cut off her hair and went into hiding. Afterwards, Lana met Carter and offered him money to train her and convinced him to help. He put her through a training regimen designed to resist pain and torture. He got her to admit that she was still holding onto Clark, and told her to overcome her previous life and become a new person. After his training is complete, Lana told Carter she needed power. Lana admitted she had it before, but was not ready for it emotionally or physically. Carter warned against it, claiming that too much power would corrupt her; however, he still gave her a phoenix medallion to remember the lessons she learned.

Season EightEdit

"If we're in each other's hearts, Clark, I will always be with you. No matter what. I love you." Lana Lang, Requiem


Lana saves Clark.

Clark saw Jonathan, Martha, and Lana in his dream sequence after being shot by a hypnotized Green Arrow. Clark later realized that Lana was part of a life on the farm that he had been holding onto and that hadn't existed for a very long time. However, her clear necklace was still kept in his kitchen drawer. Later, Clark admitted to Lois that he still missed Lana and had watched her goodbye video more than once. By this time, Chloe had taken over the Isis Foundation in Lana's absence.

Lana visited Chloe and congratulated her on her engagement as well as expanding the Isis Foundation. Lana said she wasn't going to see Clark but had read about his activities in Metropolis. She wanted to track down information on Lex's Project Ares, but Chloe advised against it. Lana insisted that she was going to do it, and she'd tell Clark when the time was right. She made Chloe promise not to say anything to Clark. She then left for Cuba in search of Lex.

The Green Arrow traveled to Cuba to find Lex, but was surprised to find Lana instead. Kicking the hood off, Lana exposed Oliver's face. They discussed their objectives for finding Lex and Oliver offered to team up with her. She asked him how Clark was doing, and he suggested that she attend Chloe's wedding to find out.


Lana and Clark embrace after the disaster.

Lana decided to attend Chloe's wedding reception back in Smallville. She reunited with her friends and sees Clark, stirring past emotions for them both. During the reception, Lana received a text message from someone, asking if the Green Arrow believed her. Clark and Lana also spoke at the reception about the decisions that Lana had made. She told him that she was proud of him and that she didn't regret leaving him for his own good. The wedding reception came to an end when Doomsday crashed the wedding, injuring Lana and sending Clark across the barn knocking open a box with kryptonite which weakened him. Lana put the rock back into the lead box just as Oliver informed them that Chloe had been kidnapped. Lana was later sent to the hospital, but was not seriously injured. After Chloe's kidnapping, Lana returned from the hospital and came back to the barn. Clark found her there and told her about Doomsday. Lana offered to help Clark to find Chloe with the resources she had at the Isis Foundation. As Lana left the barn, Clark was visited by three Legionnaires from the future; Rokk, Imra and Garth.

Lana meets Imra.

Lana was visited by Imra at the Isis Foundation, and informed that Chloe had been taken over by Brainiac. Imra told Lana that there was only one way to stop Brainiac; by killing his host. Imra said she needed Lana to convince Clark to kill Chloe, but Lana refused to do so. Imra also told Lana that she was part of the reason Clark became the hero they eventually look up to, and that Lana understood sacrifice more than anyone. Imra also realized that Lana hadn't told Clark the reason she left after she woke up from her catatonic state, and what she planned on doing next.


Lana and Clark work together to find Chloe.

Clark met Lana at the Isis Foundation, and Lana told Clark about the visitor she had earlier. Lana informed Clark that Imra had told her that the only way to stop Brainiac was to destroy his host. Clark told Lana that he had always put his loved ones before everything, but now he would be putting Chloe's well-being ahead of the lives of billions of people. Lana reminded Clark that he should never doubt himself, and that he should find a way to save Chloe's life along with the rest of the world.

Lana located a power surge happening at the Daily Planet and as Clark prepared to leave, Lana was sent into a trance-like state when Brainiac's information download began. Clark tried to snap her out of her state, but when she remained motionless, he left for the Daily Planet. Clark figured out a way to extract Brainiac using the three Legionnaires collective powers. Lana woke up from her state after Brainiac's defeat.


Clark and Lana discuss their destiny's calling.

Lana went to Clark's home to find him and met Imra again. She asked Imra about her future with Clark, but Imra told her it would be for both of them to discover. But she did inform Lana that she was to be remembered for much more than just her relationship with Clark, that Lana had a destiny all her own. Imra also told Lana that her secret she was keeping from Clark was safe with her. Lana and Clark discussed their futures after the Legionnaires departure. Clark told Lana that according to Rokk his influence will reach far beyond Earth, that his accomplishments will be known throughout the galaxies, but he feared he wouldn't be able to live up to it. Lana informed him that she had no doubt that he would, and to just do it at his own pace and not theirs. Clark questioned her if the Legionnaires had said anything about her place in history. Lana told Clark that it didn't really matter, and that their destinies are not written in a book in the future, it is written by themselves every day.


Lana and Clark kiss at the Talon.

A week later, Lana and Clark had coffee after he came back from his job at the Daily Planet. Clark told Lana that he found out the night Chloe and Jimmy got married, two ambulance drivers were killed by Doomsday and vowed to hunt down and stop him. Later, Lana met Tess at the Luthor Mansion. Lana confronted Tess about Project Prometheus and its relation to Lex's whereabouts. Lana, however, had an ulterior motive for her visit as she uploaded Tess's hard drive's via wi-fi to transmit files to Dr. Groll. Tess confronted Lana at the Isis Foundation about her stolen files. When Tess pulled out a gun at Lana, a fight broke out between the ex-wife and devout follower of Lex's. Lana won the fight and ended up pointing the gun at Tess. Lana finally revealed that a nano-chip had been planted into Tess's brain when Lex rescued her from a LuthorCorp explosion that happened three years earlier. Lana told Tess that she had been Lex's "eyes and ears" for a while and that Lex never really trusted her.

Later at the Talon, Clark told Lana that he had sacrificed so much for the greater good, and he now wanted to be with her again. Lana told Clark the world needed him, but they kissed.


Lana grabs the bullet before Clark does.

In a lab, Dr. Groll oversaw Lana in a tank of water where flames engulfed the water. Later, Clark found Tess at Lana's ransacked apartment, where he discovered what really happened the night she woke up from her comatose state. Clark began to suspect that Lana had been kidnapped by Lex in the present day. Back in the lab, after being removed from the tank, Lana’s skin was moderately scarred, as nanites were being grafted by lasers into her skin which had also been treated and altered by alien DNA. Clark eventually learned that Lana had not been kidnapped currently, and about her preparing for the Prometheus Project prior to Chloe's wedding, and that she was planning to use the suit for herself before Lex could obtain it. Clark broke into the lab where the Project was carried out and found Tess holding a gun at Dr. Groll. Clark got ready to catch the bullet that Tess shot but to his surprise, Lana, now with superhuman abilities, broke out of the containment area and grabbed the bullet that Tess shot before Clark could.

Lana then burned all of Tess's research, just as Tess enters the room. Lana told Tess not to be afraid, that she wasn't going to harm her. Lana warned Tess not to be consumed by hate and revenge against Lex, that it would lead her to a path she wouldn't be able to come out of. Lana then called Clark to meet her at the rooftop of the Daily Planet. Lana explained to Clark that now he no longer had to worry about her safety, that she was less of a distraction, and that she wanted to devote her powers to working side-by-side with Clark in Metropolis, to save people. Clark told Lana that he dreamed of being with her, but dreams normally don't come true. Lana said that there had never been anything normal about them and she kissed Clark very passionately as the sun rose over the horizon.

Late one night, Lana and Clark were in bed together when she announced that she wanted to join Clark in his patrol of Metropolis. Chloe stopped by to tell Clark and

Chlana's Final Kiss.png

Lana and Clark kiss one final time before she leaves.

Lana that Oliver had been injured in a Luthorcorp bomb blast caused by Winslow Schott . As they investigated, Lana found a chip attached to kryptonite with a Queen emblem on it. As she was about to touch it, the energy from the Kryptonite was absorbed into her. She finally told Clark what Oliver had really been doing in Cuba. Clark and Lana managed to discover Scott’s address, learning of his plan to blow up the Daily Planet with a kryptonite bomb. Through a communication device, Lex told Clark and Lana that they had to

Lana leaves Clark for his own safety.

make a decision: to choose not to de-activate the bomb and remain together, sacrificing the lives of others, or for Lana to de-activate the bomb and absorb the kryptonite, making her untouchable to Clark, and sacrificing their love for the greater good. Lana made the heart-breaking choice to sacrifice her love for Clark, and she began to de-activate the bomb, absorbing all the kryptonite it had held. When Clark tried to go near her, the kryptonite in her system prevented him from doing so. Realizing that he could no longer be with the woman he loved, Clark tracked down Lex's location and intended to kill him, but Lana talked him out of it, saying that she would help Clark find another way to punish Lex. Before they could do so, Oliver had secretly planted a Winslow Scott bomb that he intercepted from him earlier, making the truck explode and presumably killing Lex in the process. Chloe later comforted Lana about her and Clark's condition. Finally, at the Kent farm, Lana told Clark (from a distance) that Dr. Groll was unable to cure Lana of her kryptonite condition. Clark told her that even though they couldn't be together, he wanted her to stay in his life, but Lana told him that she couldn't live like that; to be so close and yet have a distance separating them from each other forever. Even though Lana objected, Clark forced himself to get closer and closer. The sight of his struggling to be near her had her cry bitter tears. Clark kissed Lana one last time before weakening and falling to the floor. Lana moved away from him toward the staircase before turning around one more time and assuring him that even though they couldn't be together, she would always be with him in his heart. After confessing their love for each other one last time, Lana turned around and left the barn -- and Clark -- for the last time.


  • According to the High School Yearbook, Lana was "Most likely to be a Cover Girl". [22] But in the Visual Guide, however, Lana is "Most likely to Marry a Billionaire". [23]
  • Kristin Kreuk is of Dutch and Chinese descent; however, Lana's ethnicity has never been mentioned on the show, besides the fact that her ancestors were French. Template:Cite
  • Lana drove a maroon Jeep Liberty, then a maroon GMC Envoy until she wrecked it after accidentally hitting Victor Stone. She was driving another maroon SUV in Hydro when she hit Linda Lake.
  • Lana's favorite ice cream flavor is mocha mint. [24]
  • Lana's phone number is 555-0164. Template:Cite
  • At some point, Lana rode horses competitively, as she has dozens of riding awards. [25]
  • Clark and Lana lost their virginity to each other the summer after they graduated from high school.
  • Lana wore red highlights in her hair for the show's second, third, and fourth season.
  • Lana celebrates her birthday sometime close to the end of the summer and the beginning of the school year.
  • Lana was on the cross-country track team with Pete Ross during their junior year in high school. [26]
  • Lana has two half-siblings, Henry Small's children, but they have never been seen or named.
  • Lana and Lex were married on February 24, 2007.
  • Lana has dated three football quarterbacks: Whitney Fordman, Clark Kent, and Jason Teague.


  • Lana appeared in every episode of the first seven seasons except for Exposed, Solitude, Justice, Descent, Sleeper, Apocalypse, and Quest. She only appeared in a deleted scene and the video message in Arctic and only had a brief non-speaking role in Bizarro.
  • Lana has shown to have died several times on the show. Not counting dream sequences, she died once in an alternate time line of Reckoning, and another when she used the Limbo drug in Void. She was thought to have also died in Phantom, but she turned out to be hiding out in Shanghai, China in Bizarro.
  • In an alternate version of the future, Lana was married to Lex, with a son, Alex, and a daughter on the way. She was happy with Lex and the family that she had with him. Lana gave birth to their daughter, Lily, on Christmas Eve, but she started losing blood and died at Lex's side. In another alternate version of the future in which she never met Clark, Lana lives in France with her husband and two children.
  • Lana learned about most, but not all of Clark's powers in the episode Promise. It was unclear whether Lana believed Clark wasn't a meteor freak (as Tobias Rice confirmed that he wasn't) or she thought Tobias had made a mistake. In May of 2007, Clark finally told her that he was a being from the planet Krypton. At the time, she confirmed she had known he had powers, but did not say where she thought he'd gotten them from.
  • Lana has had temporary powers on four occasions. Once she shared a temporary mental link with Gary Watts (Obscura) and another time while possessed by Margaret Isobel Thoreaux, she could cast magic spells. She also possessed Clark's powers twice: she acquired his heat vision after sucking his blood (Thirst) and all of his powers after being in close proximity during a lightning storm. (Wrath)


Lana Lang

Lana with Clark.

Lana seems to have some issues with co-dependency in relationships, possibly derived by the death of her parents at such an early age. Perhaps as a consequence, she sometimes takes on some characteristics of the men she's with.

She was shown to take on Lex's traits of ruthlessness and power during their relationship (Arrow, Trespass), but then reverted to domestic innocence while dating Clark. (Cure, Action) Recently, possibly due to the trauma she endured while married to Lex, she has been seen exhibiting some very dark characteristics.[27]

Throughout the show's run, Lana has dated these various individuals:

  • Whitney Fordman was her boyfriend through the whole of Season One. He left to be in the military, and was later killed in combat.
  • Jason Teague appeared in Season Four. He was her boyfriend in Paris but then came to Smallville. He was the football coach of Smallville High. He and his mother were obsessed with the Stones of Power. He died in the second meteor shower while attacking Martha and Jonathan.
  • Clark Kent and Lana were together a short time at the end of Season Two. Their relationship ended when Clark, under the influence of red kryptonite and Jor-El, ran off to Metropolis. Later, at the end of Season Four, she told Clark that she loves him, thinking that she'd never see him again. In Season Five they date again and sleep together when Clark loses his powers. Clark broke up with her when Simone hypnotized him. He didn't get back together with her because he didn't want to lie to her anymore. Later, in Season Six, she left Lex and told Clark that she had always loved him but then she died in an explosion shortly after. She was hiding out in China to get away from Lex for some time, but is back in Smallville and together again with Clark. Throughout Season Seven, Lana and Clark had to deal with Lana's desire for vengeance that she was holding against Lex and the things he had done to her when they were married. Clark had seen a side of Lana that he has never before, but still accepts her and assures her that its how we come back from mistakes that we have made, is what that truly matters. Lana and Clark had some strain in their relationship when Bizarro, had posed as Clark, and Lana had to make a choice between Clark and Bizarro. But their relationship was repaired just before Lana was captured and left in a catatonic state by Brainiac. When Lana finally awoke from her state, she left Clark a DVD video message; ending their relationship. Lana told Clark that they were not meant to be, fooling themselves. But she also let Clark know that she will still love him; more than he will ever know. After Lana left Smallville she returned to see Chloe get married. Obviously, Clark was stunned and surprised at her arrival and questioned her as to why she left him. She said it was the hardest decision she ever had to make but it felt right. During Lana's return to Smallville she stole Lex's Prometheus suit, which gave her superpowers, which helped bring Clark and Lana closer together as they were both on an equal playing field. She decided to dedicate her life at Clark’s side to help others. However, when Lana had to dismantle a kryptonite bomb on the roof of the Daily Planet, the suit absorbed the kryptonite, which prevented Lana and Clark from getting too close to each other permanently. Clark and Lana shared their final kiss before Lana was forced to leave Smallville forever. Clark and Lana's final moments were emotional and heartfelt.
  • Lex Luthor entered Lana's love life after Clark and Lana broke up during Season Five. Lana looked to Lex for comfort at that time, but he had his own agenda, since he after all was the one who paid Simone to break Clark and Lana up. Lex and Lana start dating, and Lana is even loyal to him when he is possessed by General Zod. Lana moved in with Lex shortly after he was healed and discovered she was pregnant on Thanksgiving. Lex proposed and Lana eventually accepted. Shortly after they were married, Lana learned she had seemingly miscarried and that in fact, that Lex had faked her pregnancy, which devastated her. She later left Lex, saying that "Clark means more to me than you ever will". She then faked her death.

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