Portrayed by Valentine Pelka
Born unknown
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Kronos is a fictional character from Highlander: The Series, portrayed by actor Valentine Pelka. He is an Immortal. Kronos represents war, as one of the Four Horsemen.


Kronos was the leader of the Four Horsemen. Along with Methos, Silas and Caspian, he spread terror across two continents in the Bronze Age, killing while roaming the land and destroying everything in their way, just for the pleasure of it all. In November 1996, Kronos resurfaced in the city of Seacouver. He tried to reunite his infamous brethren, The Four Horsemen again. The Immortal female Cassandra, a former slave of The Four Horsemen was battling Kronos when Duncan MacLeod came across them. It was then that Duncan MacLeod discovered the dark past of his close friend, the wily and peace-loving Immortal Methos. For centuries, Methos was one of the infamous Four Horsemen. He destroyed, pillaged and plundered a myriad lands across the world, right alongside them.

Cassandra and MacLeod decided that all four of them had to be killed, though MacLeod still found it difficult to see his friend as an enemy. The two of them followed a trail laid by Methos to Bordeaux, where they faced the Four Horsemen.

Kronos and Caspian were defeated after fierce and drawn-out battles by Duncan MacLeod (who had known Kronos as the vicious killer and outlaw Melvin Koren in the American Old West). The Immortal Methos, who allied himself with Duncan MacLeod, beheaded the violent yet slow-witted Silas, his only true friend among The Four Horsemen. Cassandra then tried to kill Methos, her former captor, but was convinced by MacLeod to let him live.


Valentine Pelka's portrayal of the Immortal Kronos as a charismatic, funny and seductive yet evil warrior hellbent on world domination and destruction made him a favorite among Highlander fans.


The character Kronos would also appear as an impersonation by the powerful demon Ahriman, a formidable foe of Duncan MacLeod, in the episodes Archangel and Armageddon.

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