Kong in Crash Bandicoot

Koala Kong is a fictional character in the Crash series.


Crash BandicootEdit

Koala Kong's first appearence was in Crash Bandicoot. He was the third boss, had 4 hit points, and threw rocks at Crash. When fighting him, he threw 3 breakable rocks, and then another rock that Crash can spin right back at him, knocking Koala Kong out. However, mine karts can block the reflected rocks, so you would have to wait until they move. TNT crates sometimes appear as well.

Crash BashEdit

Koala kong crash bash 2

Kong in Crash Bash

His next appearance was in Crash Bash, when he was playable for the first time. He was summoned by Uka Uka to participate in the tournament. His strengths and weaknesses were equal to Tiny's.

Crash TwinsanityEdit

KoalaKong Clean

Kong in Crash Twinsanity

His latest appearance was a cameo in Crash Twinsanity, at Crash's "birthday party." He has a completely remodeled look in this game.


  • Real-life koalas' diets consist mainly of leaves from the Eucalyptus trees, of which almost no other animal can feed upon. The Crash Bash manual insinuates that Koala Kong is capable of eating entire Eucalyptus tree trunks.
  • Koala Kong, along with Dr. Nitrus Brio, Tawna, Komodo Moe and Baby T are the only known characters of the Crash universe before Crash Bash that were not playable characters in CTR.
  • In Crash Bash, whenever Koala Kong wins a minigame, the narrator just refers to him as "Kong". This is the opposite of Rilla Roo, when the narrator say his full name, "Rilla Roo". This is not really an error, however, as "Kong" can also be used for short.
  • Almost all of Kong's depictions and images show him baring his teeth, possibly to look intimidating; his 3D image in Crash Bash is the only exception.

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