The Knight is the name of two fictional characters, they are comic book superheroes published by DC Comics. Percival Sheldrake debuted as the Knight in Batman #62 (December 1950), and was created by Win Mortimer and Ira Schnapp. Cyril Sheldrake debuted as the Knight in JLA #26 (February 1999), and was created by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter.

Fictional character biographyEdit

First KnightEdit

The first Knight first appeared in Batman #62 (Dec 1950/Jan 1951) in a story entitled "The Batman of England!" He is a British vigilante who models himself after the Knights of the Round Table, and also after Batman, including having a teenage sidekick, the Squire. He is really Percy Sheldrake, Earl of Wordenshire, and the Squire is his son Cyril. Instead of a Bat-Signal he is summoned by ringing the Wordenshire church bell. Before the Crisis on Infinite Earths the Knight is a member of the Batmen of All Nations, also known as the Club of Heroes. In current continuity, this group has been replaced by the first incarnation of the Global Guardians.

A later retcon reveals that Percy had begun his heroic career as Squire to the Shining Knight during World War II.[1]

Second KnightEdit

The second Knight first appears in a group shot of the Ultramarine Corps at the end of JLA #26 (Feb 1999). The subsequent appearance of the Corps in JLA Classified establishes that he is Cyril Sheldrake, who inherited both the title of Earl and that of the Knight when his father was killed by his archenemy, Springheeled Jack. The second Knight rides a motorbike, and has a squadron of miniaturized Spitfires under his control. He is assisted by the third Squire, Beryl Hutchinson. He does not get on with fellow member Jack O'Lantern. He appears, alongside the Club of Heroes, in Batman #667-669 and, with the Squire (Beryl), in Batman #679 (RIP). The Knight will be involved in the upcoming Batman storyarc Battle for the Cowl.[2]

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