Katt Monroe

Katt as she appears in Star Fox Command.

Katt Monroe (Kyatto Monrō) is a female feline from the Star Fox series. Like Falco, she seemed cocky, but in a girlish way, such as joking that she would never fly with him again. Katt has a past history as Falco's colleague but it has never been revealed what they used to do. Most likley smuggling, piracy, or arms dealing. However, in the Star Fox Manga "Farewell, Beloved Falco", which served as a midquel bridging the events between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures, it was revealed that she and Falco were both teammates of the space gang known as the "Hot Rodders".

Role in the Lylat Wars Edit

Katt Monroe helped Star Fox in defending Zoness, destroying the base on Macbeth, and defending the Great Fox. She was introduced here and knew Falco already. She appeared to have something of a crush on him. Falco also seemed to have intrest in her; if he survives through Zoness, his final comment is, "Katt, where'd you go?" Katt also assisted in either Macbeth or Sector Z depending on the Star Fox Team's choice of destination after Zoness.

Role in the Anglar threat Edit

Katt helped Falco during the Anglar threat. She made her appearance as a playable character. Her profile says she wishes to join Star Fox to be near Falco. In one ending she persuades him to create Team Star Falco, with her and Dash Bowman as teammates.

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