Kamen Rider Super-1 is a fictional character from the Japanese tokusatsu television series Kamen Rider Super-1. His true identity is Kazuya Oki, portrayed by Shunsuke Takasugi.

Kazuya OkiEdit

Fictional character biographyEdit

Kazuya Oki volunteers to undergo cybernetic surgery in the International Space Development Program in the United States in order to become an astronaut who can survive in outer space without the need for a bulky external suit. After a successful operation, he is given the codename "Super-1". Before he can depart for space, however, the base where he received his operation is attacked by the Dogma Kingdom. Only Kazuya is able to escape.

Determined to avenge the deaths of the scientists, he returns to Japan and is trained by a martial arts expert, Master Genkai. With this knowledge, he is able to transform into the powerful Kamen Rider Super-1.

At the half of the series, Super-1 finally topples the Dogma Kingdom, only to encounter another evil group called the Jin Dogma. At this point, the series became much more lighthearted, with the introduction of the Junior Riders, who serve as comic relief, and the bizarre Jin Dogma kaijin. Jin Dogma's monsters are based on household objects, such as ladders, basketballs, and refrigerators; reminiscent of obake from Japanese folklore.

Ultimately, Kazuya defeats Jin Dogma, allowing Japan to exist in peace. He then finally fulfills his childhood dream and ventures into outer space with the help of a new team of scientists.

Five HandsEdit

As Super-1, Kazuya possesses super-powered attachments called the "Five Hands". They are as follows:

Super HandsEdit

  • Super Hands
    Super-1's default silver gloves. He can perform the Super Punch with them.

Electric HandsEdit

  • Electric (Eleki) Hands
    Super-1's blue gloves. They can shoot an electric beam.

Power HandsEdit

  • Power Hands
    Super-1's red gloves. He gains the ability to lift heavy objects.

Radar HandsEdit

  • Radar Hands
    Super-1's gold gloves. He can shoot missiles that emit radar waves, allowing him to see further from the radar screen on his gloves.

Hot/Cold HandsEdit

  • Hot/Cold (Reinetsu) Hands
    Super-1's green gloves. The right glove is a cryogenic sprayer, while the left glove is a flamethrower.

Rider MachinesEdit

Super-1 also has two motorcycles, "Rider Machines" in the series' parlance


Blue VersionEdit

  • Blue Version
    Super-1's second bike which can cover rough terrain better than the V-Machine.

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