Jon Spectre is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in X-Force vol. 2 #2.

Fictional character biographyEdit

The mutant named Jon Spectre was born in the future, in a time when mutants, humans and Apocalypse fought with each other. When Jon was young, the mutant warrior named Nathan Dayspring Askani’son convinced the mutant Askani Council that it was time to attack a threat called the Skornn. The following war nearly destroyed all life on Earth and among the dead was Dayspring’s ally and Jon’s father, Adam Spectre.

When Jon Spectre grew up he traveled back in time to the early 21st Century to warn a mutant named Cannonball of the destruction of mutants caused by Dayspring, who also lived on that era as Cable. Also Cable came to recruit Cannonball back into X-Force to fight against the Skornn, who was becoming a threat also in the present. There was a fight between Jon Spectre and the X-Force and Jon was taken down by Shatterstar. Nevertheless, Cannonball decided not to join X-Force after Jon had revealed what Cable had kept secret about their future. Also Sunspot, a member of X-Force, chose not to work with Cable anymore.

Cable considered Jon a traitor but Spectre, Cannonball and Sunspot were still all helping X-Force in the fight against the Skornn. Jon Spectre was depowered during the M-Day and the energies that he used to control were then drawn to The Collective.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Jon Spectre was a mutant with the capability to turn his body intangible. He is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and as weapons he uses swords and flying miniature robots.


  • John is from Earth-4935, alternate future homeworld of Cable. It is unknown where his mainstream Marvel counterpart is.


  • X-Force vol. 2 #1-6

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