Jolt is the name of several fictional characters in the various Transformers universes.

Transformers: Generation 2Edit


Jolt toy

Jolt (Hotlaw in Japan) is the name of a Decepticon, a member of the Laser Rods. He turned into a purple hotrod.

Jolt's tech spec described him as cruel and immeasurably fast. This means he is excellent at sneak attacks. However, he is also something of a coward, and rarely battles an Autobot foe if the odds aren't with him.

Marvel ComicsEdit

Jolt appeared in the Marvel Generation 2 comics.

Bludgeon, current leader of the Decepticons planned to create an army of Decepticons, so he constructed the bodies of the Rotor Force and Laser Rods. When Megatron killed Bludgeon and took back leadership of the Decepticons, one of his first actions was to steal the Matrix from Optimus Prime. The Matrix was then used to bring the new Decepticons to life.

Ransack first appeared in issue #6 as one of the lifeless Decepticon bodies. In issue 7 Rotor Force (Leadfoot, Manta Ray, Powerdive and Ransack) and the Laser Rods (Electro, Jolt, Sizzle and Volt) were sent to steal Rheanimum, a potent substance Megatron intended to use in his quest for power, from the planet Tykos.

They would appear again in the Autobot-Decepticon alliance, battling against first the forces of Jhiaxus, and then the Swarm.

Fun PublicationsEdit

Jolt appeared among the various characters on Transtech Cybertron in the "Transcendent Part 4" by Fun Publications.


  • Generation 2 Jolt (1994)
Jolt came with a sword accessory and a small light emitting diode which could illuminate it. Released as Hotlaw in Japan. In some European countries he was released under the name Hot Rod, but seemingly has no relation to the Generation 1 Autobot of that name. [1]

Transformers: ArmadaEdit


Jolt in Armada

Jolt is the Mini-Con partner of the Autobot Hot Shot.

Jolt has a seemingly impossible task in trying to make his partner, the hotheaded Hot Shot, listen to reason and gradually try to make him mature as an individual. Hot Shot sometimes listens, but just as often is completely indifferent. Although this tends to annoy and dishearten Jolt, he admires and respects his partner's bravery. However, his partner's tendency towards charging in head-first has left them both injured in the past.

Dreamwave ProductionsEdit

Jolt appeared among the Mini-Cons in issue #18 of the Transformers: Armada comic book who aided Over-Run using the Mini-Con Matrix in the defeat of Unicron.


  • Armada Jolt (2002)
Jolt was initially released in red with Hot Shot in 2002. [2]

Powerlinx Jolt

  • Armada Powerlinx Jolt (2003)
The original Armada Jolt was released in yellow in 2003 with Powerlinx Hot Shot. [3]
  • Universe Jolt (unreleased)
There were plans to release a repaint of Armada Hot Shot called Smokescreen with Mini-Con Jolt, a homage to Generation One Smokescreen in the Universe line, but although prototypes were seen, the toy was never released.

Transformers: CybertronEdit


Jolt in Cybertron

Jolt (Hop in Japan) is the leader of the Recon Mini-Con Team. He has a child-like sense of wonder and curiosity - possibly a bad thing when he is with his human friends. He refers to Bud as "Master Bud" in a manner reminiscent of a butler, until Bud has him amend (so he changes it to the less formal, if awkward, "Bud-dude.") He is very loyal to his team and friends, and of all the Autobots in this series, he is the closest to the human characters.

In Japan, the Galaxy Force series is an original continuity, distinct from Micron Legend (Armada) and Super Link (Energon), so it is very unlikely that he was originally intended to be the same character as Armada Jolt.


  • Cybertron Jolt (2005)
Packaged with Reverb and Sixspeed. [4]
  • Cybertron Shadow Jolt
A transparent blue redeco of Jolt. Packaged with Shadow Reverb and Sixspeed.

2007 Transformers movieEdit


Jolt movie toy

In December 2007 images appeared on the internet of a redeco of Cybertron Crosswise in purple and silver. The character was named Jolt, although according to its designer it was originally a homage to the Generation 1 Decepticon Micromaster Road Hugger, but when that name was unavailable from the legal department, they named him Jolt instead. [5]

According to his biography Jolt was brought to life in the final battle for the Allspark, and subsequently sought help by Barricade, who beat him up. [6]

Jolt is one of the lowest ranking Decepticons ever made, with a rank of 2 out of 10.

IDW PublishingEdit

Oddly a robot called Dead End appeared in the IDW comics Transformers: Alliance who resembled Jolt n vehicle mode, but his origin completely contradicts the biography on the toy. His robot mode is never seen.


  • Transformers Deluxe Jolt (2008)
Jolt is a redeco of Cybertron Crosswise/Smokescreen. This toy is a Walmart store exclusive. [7]
The toy of Jolt is 13 cm long in vehicle mode, whereas a real Bugatti Veyron is 447 cm long, so the toy is at a scale of about 1:34. The toy stands about 14 cm tall, which means Jolt would stand about 481 cm or 15 feet 10 inches tall.
According to Hasbro officials at Botcon 2008 the Walmart exclusive redeco toys were originally to be sold under the Transformers: Universe label, but Walmart requested its exclusives be part of the movie toy line, so they were repackage in movie style packaging.

Transformers: Revenge of the FallenEdit

Jolt makes an appearance in the 2009 film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. This Jolt is an Autobot who turns into Chevrolet Volt. This character seems to be unrelated to the Jolt from the 2007 movie toy line, who was initially meant to be released in the Universe line, but later packaged as a movie toy to bolster the line.

Jolt makes a habit of getting into trouble. He is chaotic and impulsive, always out for the next big adventure. If there is danger afoot, he is sure to find his way into the middle of it. Luckily, he's got the fighting skills to get himself out of any binds he gets himself into. When he's got his electro whips in his hands, he's an unstoppable whirlwind of crackling energy.

In July 2008 is was announced that a Chevrolet Volt would be featured in the film. [8] In September video footage of the Volt on the set was posted to youtube. [9]


  • Revenge of the Fallen Fast Action Battler Jolt (2009/not released yet)
Pictures of this toy leaked onto the internet in December of 2008. [10]

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