Jinx is a minor recurring character on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer during season 5.

Fictional character biographyEdit

He is a demon and worships Glory, whom he serves as a minion. He, like all of Glory's minions, wears a brown robe, his appearance is somewhat like other demons in the Buffyverse - but the black eyes stand out with this particular race. The race are not given a name and we do not learn it throughout the show.

The proof of his minionship comes with the lines that he says and humble tones, often exaggerating Glory's beauty and diminishing himself when he does something incorrectly (which, in Glory's eyes, is often). He seems to take the alpha role of the rest of the minions that serve "The Beast", and is usually dispatched by Glory on tasks of some importance. Sent by Glory to get information from her alter ego, Ben, Jinx was the one who discovered that the key was in human form. Jinx had several near death experiences while working for Glory; he was beaten up and stabbed by Ben, and was nearly killed by the Knights of Byzantium before being saved by Glory herself at the last minute. He is often blamed by Glory when something isn't going the right way for her. It should be noted that Jinx is the only person that Glory seems to have real affection for. When he is stabbed by Ben, Glory is genuinely worried and concerned about him. When he dies from his injuries she orders him to be revived.

Curiously, Jinx disappeared from the show after "Tough Love" despite being Glory's main minion and being saved from death in the previous episode. His fate is unknown.

Jinx is portrayed by Troy Blendell.


Jinx appeared in six episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

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