Jeff Andonuts

Jeff as he appears in EarthBound.

Jeff Andonuts (Jefu Andōnattsu) is a fictional character in the 1995 video game EarthBound. He is the third character to join Ness, and also the only permanent member of his team who is unable to use PSI abilities. He usually uses guns as his primary weapon, along with an assortment of different projectile items.


Jeff Andonuts is a resident of the Snow Wood Boarding School in Winters, Foggyland, and the son of the great professor Dr. Andonuts, when he joins the adventure. Paula Polestar communicates with him telepathically to rescue them from captivity in Threed. After acquiring the Sky Runner from his father, Jeff travels to Threed and rescues Ness and Paula, securing his place as one of the chosen four.


  • Jeff appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee and in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as an assist trophy launching bottle rockets at his opponents.
  • Jeff's equivalent in EarthBound's prequel, Mother, is said to be Loid. Both Jeff and Loid share similar roles in their corresponding games, in addition to having similar appearances. These similarities extend to both characters being very intelligent, skilled at building inventions and wearing glasses.
  • Jeff's equivalent in EarthBound's sequel, Mother 3, is said to be Duster. While neither Jeff nor Duster share similar roles in their corresponding games, in addition lacking similar appearances, there are similarities extending between each other's use of tools as their primary weapon.

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