Jackie Heroes

Danielle Savre as Jackie Wilcox

Jackie Wilcox is a fictional character in the television series Heroes.

Character HistoryEdit

Don't Look BackEdit

When Claire fails to step forward and acknowledge her rescue of the injured fireman at the train wreck, Jackie claims she rescued the man.

One Giant LeapEdit

Jackie tells Mr. Bennet that she plans to spin the rescue as her platform for class president elections. She also tells Brody that Claire was looking for her birth parents, even though Claire had told her so in confidence.

Collision Edit

At school, Jackie and Brody approach Claire and Zach. Jackie asks Claire what happened to her last night at the bonfire. When Brody, who tried to rape Claire the night before, excuses himself to go to the bathroom, Jackie says that Brody must have a bladder the size of a pea.

Later, Claire waits outside the school and tells Brody that she needs a ride home because Jackie left without her.


Jackie harasses Claire about running for Homecoming Queen after nearly killing Brody in the car accident. Soon afterward, despite her friend's insistence not to "spaz out," Jackie is shocked and disappointed when she finds out that Claire actually won the homecoming queen role through the "freak vote".

Later on, after Claire and Zach discuss their friendship, Jackie comes across them and begins to insult Zach. Seconds later, Claire punches Jackie in the face and knocks her down.

Later on in the day, Jackie is found in the locker room at her high school, getting the cheerleaders pumped up for the half-time show. Upon finding Claire present and suited up for the show, she gets angry and accuses Claire of being a "menace". Soon after, the lights shut off and, although Claire attempts to get them both out of the locker room and away, Jackie is grabbed by Sylar.

Sylar holds Jackie up against the lockers and uses his abilities to cut open her skull along the forehead. As she bleeds out, her last word to a regenerating Claire is "run...".

Six Months AgoEdit

Six months before her death, Jackie visits Claire in her bedroom. She tells her Lori Tremmel has quit the cheerleading squad and offers Claire her place. She argues with Claire and watches as she injures her hand on a glass-paned shelf.


Matt Parkman and Audrey Hanson investigate Jackie's murder scene at Union Wells.


Angela Bromstad reports that Union Wells has reopened for the first time since the Homecoming Dance. Near the lockers, there is a memorial to Jackie's death.


  • When the writers were deciding on a last name for Jackie, they decided to use assistant Harrison Wilcox's last name.
  • Her first name, Jacqueline, is of French origin. It is the feminine form of Jacques, the French version of James and Jacob (Hebrew), meaning "he who supplants".
  • Her last name, Wilcox, comes from will and cock--"a willcock," one rather obstinate or stubborn.

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