Itsu is a fictional character of the Marvel Comics Universe. She first appeared in Wolverine (vol. 3) #40.

Fictional character biographyEdit

Itsu (whose name is translated as "Peace") was born in a village near Jasmine Falls, Japan. It was there she met Logan, who'd been sent there to train by his former master Ogun. Itsu and Logan soon fell in love with each other, and shortly afterward they are married and conceived a child together, later known as Daken. In an elaborate ceremony to celebrate the impending birth of their child, Logan faces off against the former ninja in a test of worthiness, strength, and honor, but when a nearby avalanche distracts him and causes his claws to strike out in a reflex, he accidentally stabs one of the fighters.

After contemplating his failed test of honor, Logan returns home to find Itsu dead, shot in the heart and twice in the stomach. Logan sought revenge and soon had Muramasa construct a sword so powerful it could even kill himself. Years later Logan learns that Winter Soldier was behind Itsu's death[1] and was following Romulus' orders.[2]


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  2. Wolverine: Origins #30

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