Iblis 1

Iblis, form one.

Iblis 3

Iblis in its third form.

Iblis is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series and one of the central antagonists of Sonic the Hedgehog.


Iblis was a creature that was born from "The Flames of Disaster". Iblis appears to be a mindless creature who only seems to be interested in causing destruction. Its primary form has four arms and was a lava-like version of Perfect Chaos in appearance. Originally sealed inside Princess Elise by her father over 10 years before the game, Iblis was inadvertently released by the "Iblis Trigger" a few years later. As a result, Iblis continued to destroy the world up until, and including, Silver's time period in the future. In Silver's story, Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat continuously battle Iblis, but it ended up proving too powerful for either of them to defeat, since it had the ability to continually resurrect itself. Thus, Mephiles advises Silver and Blaze to depart to the time period right before Iblis' final transformation to stop Sonic the Hedgehog, referred to as the "Iblis Trigger" from destroying the world. In order to defeat Iblis, Blaze was forced to seal it within her, seemingly destroying both of them. However, as the intention was to trap Iblis in another dimension, it was possible that Iblis and Blaze wound up in the reality Blaze came from in Sonic Rush. In addition to the form described earlier, Iblis' other forms are one like a giant snake with a ripped up face, the first one with two arms but has legs, and his original form, a ball of flame. Although Blaze seemingly now lives within the mentioned dimension, it is unclear what happened to the Iblis of Silver's time. After going through Flame Core, Sonic and Shadow also fight Iblis, who is in a snake-like form (could possibly be the missing second form between Iblis' transformations).

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