Hyper Sonic

Fan artwork of Hyper Sonic

Hyper Sonic is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. He is a powered-up super transformation of Sonic the Hedgehog, in the stage after Super Sonic. This form is obtained by collecting all seven Super Emeralds, which are the stronger versions of the Chaos Emeralds powered by by the Master Emerald. To trigger the transformation, Sonic must also collect 50 rings and do a double jump. Hyper Sonic has all the benefits of Super Sonic, such as invincibility, improved speed, and greater jumping abilities, but Hyper Sonic also has some improved abilities such as the ability to breath underwater and a double jump attack that will destroy all enemies on screen, excluding bosses, and is referred to by some as "Sonic Boom" or a "Hyper Flash"; however, the former is not an official name, and it is unconfirmed if the latter is.

Hyper Sonic's name comes from the term hypersonic, which is a speed above supersonic. Thus far Hyper Sonic's only appearance has been Sonic 3 & Knuckles. the Super Emeralds have appeared Sonic Chronicles. In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Hyper Sonic looked very similar to Super Sonic sharing the upturned spikes and green eyes, however Hyper Sonic flashed all 7 colors of the Chaos/Super Emeralds, had large flashing sparks (similar to the invincibility item) and leaves an afterimage when running.


  • Many people believe that Hyper Sonic has not appeared in other games in series because of the danger to seizure-prone people due to his flashing different colors.
  • Hyper Sonic has appeared in the flash movie [[Nazo Unleashed]] for a few seconds before combining with Hyper Shadow (Hyper Shadow is just like Hyper Sonic. It's not Super Shadow) to turn into Hyper Shadic.