Hunter taking aim

Hunter the Cheetah is a fictional character in the Spyro the Dragon series.



It was Hunter's fault that Ripto entered Avalar in the first place, as Hunter's suggestions for Superportal coordinates 22475 - his birthday (2/24/75 in the Gregorian Calendar is assumed to be February 24, 1975) happened to bring Ripto, Crush, and Gulp to the realm. He made amends by helping Elora and The Professor bring Spyro to the realm, and, despite his initial doubts about the small dragon, Hunter befriended him, and helped him gain several orbs that were scattered around Avalar, as well as challenge him to races on the Speedways.

Forgotten RealmsEdit

After Ripto's defeat, Hunter moved to the Dragon Realms, and followed Spyro to the Forgotten Worlds in order to return the Dragon Eggs stolen by the Sorceress. At this time, he fell in love with Bianca, who eventually managed to win over, and who helped them defeat her former mistress.

The Traitorous ElderEdit

At the time of Red's attack on the Dragon Realms, Hunter came into his own by helping Spyro with tasks he could not perform by himself such as flying, jumping, and shooting things from a distance using his trusty bow and arrow.

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