Guy originally appeared in the beat-em-up Final Fight as one of the game's three main characters. A Japanese martial artist dressed in a red ninja suit, he is the 39th successor of the fictional style of Bushin style of Ninjutsu, who traveled to America to train himself in real combat, where he eventually befriended Cody and Haggar, and during the game he assists the duo in fighting off the Mad Gear Gang. Guy's specialty in the game are speedy attacks and one of his unique techniques is an Off-the-Wall Kick.

Guy's backstory was fleshed out for his appearance in the original Street Fighter Alpha and its sequels, which reveals that Guy was once a juvenile delinquent until he was taken under the tutelage of the previous Bushin successor, Zeku (是空 Zekū?), who trained him to become a disciplined warrior. In the first Alpha, Guy seeks to perfect his skills and develop a new form of Bushin. In addition to fighting M. Bison at the end, the game also establishes a rivalry with his former Final Fight adversary Sodom, who seeks to defeat Guy in a rematch to prove himself, and Ryu, who once defeated Guy in a street fight before Zeku took him in. In his ending in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Guy uses his newly developed style of Bushin against his predecessor Zeku. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, motivated by his Master Zeku's message of "when a threat to the world rises so will the shadow of Bushin", he travels the world to defeat M. Bison once.[1][2]

His character design in the Street Fighter Alpha series is similar to his Final Fight, with the only difference being the replacement of his original jika-tabi boots with red Nike Dunk shoes. His fighting style in the Alpha series inherits many of his original moves and abilities from Final Fight. Notably, Guy is one of the few characters to retain the ability to perform Chain Combos thorough the entire Alpha. His Bushin Gokusaken is actually his punching combo from Final Fight, in which Guy delivers two backfists, followed by an elbow strike, a body blow, and a roundhouse kick.

In addition to the Street Fighter series, Guy also plays a role in many of the Final Fight series. Although he is not a playable character in the initial SNES sequel Final Fight 2, the game centers around Haggar and his friends' attempt to rescue Guy's fiancee Rena and his master Genryusai from a revived Mad Gear (note that Final Fight 2 was released before the first Street Fighter Alpha and Genryusai is a different character from Zeku of the Alpha series). Guy would return as a playable character in Final Fight 3, as well as in Final Fight Revenge. In the story mode of Final Fight: Streetwise, Guy becomes the leader of a gang that controls the Japantown district of Metro City. Guy is also one of the playable characters representing the Street Fighter Alpha series in Capcom Fighting Evolution. He also appears in Namco × Capcom, where he teams up with the Ninja Commando Sho (Ginzu in the international versions) from Captain Commando, a Bushin successor from a distant future.

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