The Great Army of the Anti-Men is a fictional team of supervillains of the telenovela The Mutants - the Ways of the Heart. They are also know as the Ant Horde and Ant Drones. Their headquarters is in the old City-Ant (Formigopolis in original portuguese). They are one of the main antagonists of the second season and like many other characters of the series who are inspired in another fictional work, the Ant-Men are inspired by the monster enemies from the Locust Horde of the game Gears of War and also draw elements from the 1905 short story Empire of the Ants from H. G. Wells.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

All Ant-Men possess scales over their body and bloodshot eyes. They have superhuman strength compared to fifty times their own size (A joke-in, ants appear in cartoons stealing food several times larger than themselves). They are highly social and super organized rarely splitting up during incidents and they will fight until death. Their appearance is like Aborigine tribe as they carry spears, darts and aborigine-like shields and that seen to worship several idols across the island. So far the Ant Queen and Carpeterant are the most powerful of all them and its possible if Ant Queen be impregnated by a superhuman mutant, she will conceive a new generation of hybrid ant-men with their male progenitor's abilities.

Os Mutantes - Caminhos do CoraçãoEdit

They fight against the League of Well when they tried to enter the Doctor Juli di Trevi's lab. They fought against Bobby and Perpetual, but captured Noah, Mary, Cleo and Tony. They are taken to the voluptuous and sultry Ant Queen who wanted to make Noah and Tony her Ant Princes in hope to make her pregnant and make birth of a new more powerful generation of Ant-Men. The Ant-Men were ordered to kidnap several men around the island to become the Ant King for the Queen. The Reptilian forces ordered The Ant-Army to destroy the Agartha Kingdom and they marched but unknown to them, the Ant-Men are Juli's pawns because they would not even get close to the kingdom borders and would fight in the sewers while Juli's agents kidnap the Profecy's babies and the League of the Well would go to their rescue only to leave the Agartha Kingdom unprotected at all for the Reptilian to invade. The Ant-Men having felt the Reptilian betrayal and now are abandoned before their enemies, they fought against the League of Well and the Agarthian Army and were massacred until their last in only one battle, a entire race was wiped out as the Ant Queen, the only one fetile female of their army, was also killed.

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