Gnasty Gnorc

Gnasty as he appears in Spyro: A Hero's Tail.

Gnasty Gnorc is a fictional character in the Spyro the Dragon series who was the main antagonist in Spyro the Dragon, and played a part in Spyro: A Hero's Tail.


Gnasty Gnorc is a mean, ugly, and nasty Gnorc who hates Dragons. After the Dragons banished him and called him "ugly", he got ticked and encased the Dragons in crystal, but Spyro managed to escape his spell and defeated him. He is not really intelligent.


Early YearsEdit

Gnasty Gnorc was originally an inhabitant in the Dragon Realms, but as he got older, he found it hard to live with the Dragons' rules and customs. Because of this, he became chaotic and unruly. So the Dragons banished Gnasty to a wasteland world where they allowed him to do whatever he wanted. However, Gnasty felt that his power was nothing without creatures or minions to command, so he created Gnorcs and other creatures out of various doo-dads. After a while he found out that turning gems into Gnorcs was a lot easier than various doo-dads, so he started "borrowing" the Dragon's treasure. The Dragons were annoyed, but they believed that they should let it go for the time being.

Dragon Realms InvasionEdit

One day, during the creation of a documentary video for the DNN (Dragon News Network), Lindar, when asked about Gnasty Gnorc, calls Gnasty ugly, among other derogatory remarks. Gnasty, who is sensitive about his appearance, becomes enraged and turns every Dragon (Except for Spyro, who is too small) into crystal and transforms the rest of their treasury into Gnorcs and scatters the rest all over the Dragon Realms. He also hires thieves to steal the remaining twelve Dragon eggs, in order to fully exterminate the Dragons. With Spyro being the sole remaining Dragon, he must free all the Dragons, recover the gems and eggs, and defeat Gnasty.

In the final battle between Spyro and Gnasty Gnorc, Spyro must catch the thieves which hold keys to progress doors. Gnasty will attack Spyro with a magic beam which turned the other Dragons into crystal. Once Spyro gets the key to confront Gnasty, Gnasty runs way. Spyro must chase Gnasty and flame him. After this, a door will open to lava room where Spyro must glide from platform-to-platform (which are gradually cascading into the wall) until he gets to a dead end where he can flame Gnasty and finish him off.


In Spyro: A Hero's Tail, Gnasty Gnorc was resurrected by Red, an evil Dragon Elder, and assisted him in his evil plans.

When Spyro confronted Gnasty, he thought he was the one who defeated Spyro, but Spyro corrected him and battled.

After Spyro defeated him, the trapped Electric Fairy gave Spyro the power of Electric Breath.

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