Gerald Robotnik

Professor Gerald alongside Maria

Professor Gerald Robotnik (Purofessaa Jirarudo Robotonikku) is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is the grandfather of Doctor Eggman and Maria Robotnik, Professor Gerald Robotnik is the creator of Shadow the Hedgehog, Space Colony ARK, the Biolizard, Artificial Chaos, and various other projects. Gerald made his apperance in Sonic Adventure 2. He was also noted as "one of the most brilliant minds of all time." He has gray hair and blue eyes and wears lab coat, brown turtleneck sweater and pince-nez glasses.

Professor Gerald loved his granddaughter, Maria Robotnik, and was working on a cure for a fatal illness she had, until GUN came. Maria was killed by GUN while assisting Shadow in escaping them.

Fifty years before the main series, he attempts to create the "Ultimate Life Form" under the funding of the United Federation, hoping that it can help cure Maria's illness. He fails various times until meeting with the alien, Black Doom, and using his DNA to create Shadow. He learns of Black Doom's true plan (to destroy the planet), and prepares the ARK to act against Black Doom when the time comes. Later, G.U.N. decided Gerald's experiments were dangerous to humanity, and board the ARK to shut them down, killing Maria in the process. This caused Gerald to lose his grip on reality, and create plans to crash the ARK into the planet. He is then captured by the government and executed.

Here is listed the robots and lifeforms and other things that Professor Gerald created.

The Space Colony ARKEdit

The former home of Gerald, Maria, the commander of G.U.N, and various researchers and soldiers, the ARK was a gigantic space colony where great research was performed. The entire place also worked as a life support system for Maria. While Gerald focused on making inventions for the good of mankind (such as the Heal Unit), little known devices of mass destruction were being made (The Ultimate Lifeform and the Eclipse Cannon), mostly under the influence of Black Doom. Others who lived aboard the ARK were Shadow (who protected the ARK from danger until it was shut down), the Biolizard and Emerl (until he was transported to G.U.N's fortress). When Shadow failed to protect the ARK from an inside attack , the ARK was shut down. Many died (including Maria) and Gerald himself went insane. The ARK was later rediscovered by Eggman, who used it as a temporary base. After this, it seems GUN took control over the ARK once again.

Eclipse CannonEdit

The Eclipse Cannon is an extremely powerful weapon that is located inside the "nose" of the Space Colony ARK. (The ark resembles Gerald's face) It is powered by Chaos Emeralds, and can destroy planets or even stars with all seven. Gerald built it to destroy the Black Arms when they arrived near Earth, but after he went insane, he reprogrammed it to send the ARK flying into the Earth the next time it was activated with all seven Emeralds. But it was later used for it's original purpose, to destroy the Black Arms.

Artificial ChaosEdit

Artificial Chaos are Gerald's first noteworthy creations. They resemble Chaos from Sonic Adventure and are most likely modeled after him as Maria states that Gerald created them based on "a god of an ancient culture". The Artificial Chaos are made up of a core (the head, shaped like that of Chaos 0) and trillions of nanobots that both protect the core and provide the body for it. While the early Artificial Chaos seen in Shadow the Hedgehog had red, half-closed eyes and red marking on their heads, the final Artificial Chaos from Sonic Adventure 2 have larger green eyes and an emblem on their foreheads.

When first created they began acting out and attacking the ARK (according to Gerald in Shadow the Hedgehogs Expert Mode, they had their electrode conductors reversed), but GUN (and possibly Shadow), stopped them. They were later fixed, and then adopted by the government to protect the ARK. In Shadow the Hedgehog when the Black Arms invade the ARK, Doom's Eye calls the Artificial Chaos "the legacy of Gerald" and then announced that they belonged to the Black Arms now, suggesting that the aliens somehow took control of them. There are several types of Artificial Chaos that are listed below.

Artificial Chaos P-1Edit

These Artificial Chaos, which are believed to be the first prototype of the series (hence the name), are tall, stationary, and are able to pull their head into its body to protect itself. They had the ability to cling to any surface and attacked using either a laser built into its eyes, long tentacle-like extensions from its body, or a combination of both.

Float Type Artificial ChaosEdit

These Artficial Chaos would float in midair with its water-part shaped as a large sphere. It either waits for someone to come within range, or floats toward them in the air. They attack with the same tentacles and lasers as the normal one.

Artificial Chaos P-100Edit

This type of Artificial Chaos, which are believed to be the final prototype for the Artificial Chaos line (hence their name), have the ability to split up the nanobots that make up its body into dozens of smaller robots called "Cells". This, however, left the head open to attack and easy to destroy. When the head was destroyed, all the Cells that it spawned would self-destruct. These are also believed to be the version that Shadow destroyed when they ran amok on the ARK, though they acted a bit different, as they attacked with tentacles and only split up when damaged. In Shadow the Hedgehog, they can also grow to immense sizes, possibly by fusing with eachother (several GUN soldiers suggest this during the attack).

Artificial Chaos CellEdit

When the Artificial Chaos P-100 splits its body up, the pieces turn into small blob-like cyborgs that are referred to as its "cells". In Sonic Adventure 2, the cells would crawl on the ground and try to surround you, at which point they would start to self-destruct. In Shadow the Hedgehog, they would emerge from the body of the P-100 when struck, would float around the body for a few seconds, and then re-merge with the head. The cells would all be destroyed when the head is taken out.

Project: GizoidEdit

Project: Gizoid was Gerald's experiments with the ancient robotic being known as the Gizoid. Gerald discovered that the robot could mimic anything it saw, and that it was powered up by Chaos Emeralds. Gerald soon had to hand the Gizoid over to to the impatient government in order to buy time for research on his Project: Shadow. After the government did their own experiments with the Gizoid, it went crazy and destroyed a large part of the ARK, leading to the government closing down Project: Shadow and the ARK itself.

Project: ShadowEdit

Project: Shadow was Gerald's project to create the Ultimate Lifeform, a being that would be immortal and would never age.(This was probably related to the cure for Maria's disease) The project was successful, but was deemed too dangerous by the government, who sent GUN to shut it down.


Biolizard was the prototype to the Ultimate Lifeform. It was a giant lizard hooked up to a life support system. The Biolizard was deemed a failure as it went out of control and had to be sealed up. After Gerald went insane, he programmed the Biolizard to stop anyone from hindering the ARK crashing into the Earth, but it was destroyed.

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

Perhaps Gerald's most brilliant achievement, this was the finished result of Project Shadow, the immortal Ultimate Lifeform who would never age. Shadow was created after Gerald had gone into a pact with the alien leader Black Doom, using his alien blood to create Shadow with a promise that Shadow would help Black Doom retrieve the Chaos Emeralds 50 years later. However, Project: Shadow was cancelled a week after Shadow was created, and Shadow was eventually captured and hidden away by GUN. Due to the shape of Shadow's spines and his golden aura that appears while jumping, he resembles Super Sonic. There is therefore speculation that Gerald had studied the ancient Echidnas, and that Gerald based him off the ancient Echidna stone tablet prophecising Super Sonic's fight against Doctor Eggman.

Heal UnitsEdit

Portable box-like devices that send out energy that replenish health and is still used to this day by GUN. The Heal Unit may have inspired the creation of the Heal Cannon, a Bazooka-like weapon that fires shots with the same healing capabilities. Maria Robotnik feels it's Gerald's greatest creation. (Most likely due to the fact that she is a pacifist).