Flurl the Squirrel taking a nap.

Flurl chute

Flurl being used as Donkey Kong's parachute.

Flurl the Squirrel is a fictional character in Nintendo's Donkey Kong franchise. He is a red, lazy squirrel and an ally of Donkey Kong.

The first appearance of Flurl was in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. Here Flurl can occasionally be found sleeping in a tree. If Donkey Kong can grab Flurl's tail he will use Flurl like a parachute and glide through the air, which can allow Donkey Kong to collect airborne beats and reach new areas that are normally unreachable without Flurl.

Flurl's first appearance is in the level Jungle Deeps.


  • The British manual for Donkey Kong Jungle Beat calls Flurl, "Ressar".
  • Unlike Conker, another squirrel ally of the Kong Family, Flurl is fairly un-anthropomorphic. Whether this means there are two types of squirrel in the Donkey Kong Universe (humanoid ones like Conker and non-humanoid ones like Flurl) is unknown.